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Android OS device phone and dashcam

This week my Oneplus 5 have update to android latest system the android O and tried it once but it was too limited, and shortly after it came out Nova launcher and all the others allowed you to mimic the functionality so there was never any true point to the launcher. It won't be missed by anyone who loved or hated it because the people who loved it can just use another launcher to do the same thing. 

My old 3T smartphone running android Marshmallow and Nougat. I always used GNL, also OnePlus stock launcher would look the same too. After updating it to Oreo, would you buy a phone with external storage and get anything above 64 GB or 128GB ?  

Internal storage is faster but if you have a top quality SD card with a high read/write speed the speed difference is very minimal and barely noticeable in the real world. It's just like comparing the snapdragon 845 to the snapdragon 835. Sure the 845 is faster but in the real world there's not much of a significant difference at all in terms of speed and barely noticeable. 

Other good news i have a new 7.0-inch IPS Touch Screen DVR for Car Full HD 1080P Video Recorders Dashcam 70 mai model brand for xiaomi Nextbuying this link, running android system and support AI ( only Chinese :( the maps support English and Chinese version. i got an update yesterday and haven't experienced it since. Hopefully I won't experience it again. I also haven't updated the firmware, could that be anything to do with it?

 I am a long term linux user and have seen these kind of issues previously using fairly generic linux with proprietary graphics drivers. There they were associated with kernel or graphics driver issues.  I've seen that first hand with a couple of companies I've worked for.

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Mi Mix 2s really liked me

Already had a test, Samsung beat the time of Sony's work. Samsung also beat the camera in quality. Sony especially at night strongly drains. And removing the headphone jack is generally evil. By positioning your phone partly musical, having great codecs and attaching a crutch to use headphones. 

I really do not have this kind of something to disable or reassign this button, because I have another phone altogether, the truth is the same Samsung, android, the truth is old, so I have a new one and that's where it will be. 

I can say on the example of testing the latest models of smartphones from a number of manufacturers, held in the autumn and this winter. All software was updated immediately after the device was initialized. All the standard applications were updated, the memory remained. Tested Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu, Moto. Plus, there's LG, Neffos.

but right now unfortunately a lot of low-quality shit is thrown on the shelves, both branded and no name, before everything was done for people, but right now among developers and people do not consider end users, it seems that over time, developers deliberately crash their output , curve renewals of OS. , that the user has the impression that his device is out of date, and it is necessary to run after the new one. 

I have been having xiaomi for over a year now, there are no complaints about quality, the camera does not shoot very much in bad lighting, but I gave it for 10,000, snapdragon 650, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, a memory card slot or SIM card for anyone, a battery on 4100, the aluminum case and a diagonal 5,5. And how the bonus management of all home appliances through the ik port. I'm not a fan of some kind of firm but xiaomi has pleasantly surprised me.

Displays are produced by Samsung, LG, Japan Display Inc (JDI), AU Optronics, and others. Processors release Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, for internal use in their devices - Huawei. the manufacturer of smartphones chooses a set of components that it needs, manufactures the enclosure, and integrates ready-made components into it. Most automakers have their own factories and production facilities for the production of engines, body punching, and the like. In the free market, buy lights, chairs, etc. products.

Mi Mix 2s really liked me. And I'm waiting ... for exit Mi 7. But not because of the fact that I want Mi 7. But because after the release of Mi 7 Mi Mix 2s  on Nextbuying should be cheaper. People loved Xiaomi smartphones, because they were affordable, and had good characteristics. And now the affordable price has evaporated, and xiaomi has lost the fans of its brand, many switched to the products of other manufacturers. 


About next new smartphones is Oneplus 3 ?

About next new smartphones, i almost went that way but really liked the black and red look. The next set I get will probably have some concrete in it. about the metal shell cover : Slippery, easy to drop, Battery not really meant for a poweruser, though moderate use can last 1 day and a half, No expendable storage though 64gb and 128GB internal is pretty good.  is very slippery actually. Got my gel case as well but need to put it up on the channel first before I start using it.

There never easy to get right in the corners but I fitted a glitter skin on my niece's phone and it had crocodile cuts on the corners and it folded into itself on the corners and it looked great it's a shame brand can't do something different with there's to make them fit better.. 

 basically like the grayed out it was a placeholder of the app till its actually installed for the spot. I used to see them when I would change roms and Now was the default launcher ,  really cool feature to have. You can see what apps are on list to update and which one is updating right now right in the app drawer without going to the play store. 

About my old Oneplus 2 smartphone Works perfectly on both but the sensor button have some problem, I returned to Nova after two days with Sense, well it feels slow, laggy and lazy, phones themselves are really fast and snappy,  recommend trying some of these, it doesn't cost anything, just some free time.

I have all the CM apps the useful ones, installed on my phone, many of them aren't fully compatible and they often crash, However I don't really care about that, since I have a nice music setup, I just combined Poweramp with the theme I like and a software audio processor. 

Thing I don't like about the edge is when you are laying down and trying to use your phone you have to be very particular how you hold it. Also it cracked real easy and non of the tempered glass screen protectors are good. Hopefully they'll execute it well enough so it won't seem like a useless feature . 

I prefer the fever because for me personally the HD on a 5 'do not digest, then the management of multitasking with 4 GB of RAM is another thing compared to having only 2 (in my opinion with the smartphone runs Android 4GB -6GB RAM well the letv le max 2 and ZUK Z2 PRO have 4GB and 6GB version. 

Fingerprint issues were sll sorted out before source went public now that it has (source)  all bugs with FP have been squashed , where it becomes unresponsive has been solved?..  Searcheed alot on YouTube.. No one explained it that how it behaves on marshmallow? If you like small screen get the x. I have the 2 and am very happy with it since Marshmallow. I'm switching between Tipsy OS and oxygen, things to like about both about the new oneplus 3 smartphones. 

Will i be able to connect Oneplus 2 to PC or it needs some connector for pc as well?  know if i have to connect this chrger to other phone it needs connectors but what for other side that goes inside PC or windows laptop?? probably will as it's a SD 820 for $400 - $450 maybe this is xiaomi mi5 4gb 128GB pro version or Oneplus 3 and the Lenovo New Brand ZUK ( ZUK Z2 Pro ) the Oneplus 3 and Xiaomi mi5 pro in stock at . Kind of bummed out that the best phone I ever had, I don't think you can get charging port fixed without changing the whole motherboard? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Oneplus 2 and next oneplus 3 smartphones is turning out to be one of my favorite phones ever. I've owned a ton of phones too and currently have multiple phones. It is awesome. You wouldn't regret buying it.

The microphones on the Oneplus 3 and xiaomi mi5 128GB are incredible. I was at a show the other day and was standing right next to the guitar amp and you could make out every instrument on the recording. No distortion or anything,  I took some videos and it captured the audio quite well.