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smartphone camera which resolution

About the smartphone camera which resolution camera do you prefer,  or at least the majority, loves 4:3 pics in 21st century. I haven't took photos in 4:3 aspect ratio, maybe even more! wrong with everyone.. 13mp more and everyone lose their . Sony Z5P shoots 20mp at 16:9 and 23mp at 4:3 and since they use the same IMX 300 sensor I thought they shared same aspect ratios and resolution! 

smartphones an so i tested it. After 9min full Hd Recording you will get a warning, After 14min the X will end the Recording.  true when filming in 1080p with 60fps the cam overheats after 4-5 minutes.  now that stock has multiwindow , will it be supported by more apps on Samsung phones . someone can be that stupid to buy a top end Samsung flagship phone and then change everything in it,because they don't like it in the first place, just how stupid is that,why the hell buy a phone you don't like. 

About the camera test like if I'm in a hurry I prefer Superior Auto mode....if I want to play with my picture then definitely I prefer Manual mode,  get SA at 20.66mp 4:3. Have that and 15mp at 16:9. But OpenCamera allows full custom resolution and aspect, with jpeg quality control. With newer models, Camera2API allows finer tuning in manual vs. stock app too.

Just got updated my Oneplus 2 a couple of hours ago. Maybe its the time differences in the region that's why it takes time to arrive on my device. Nothing new actually from the CM13.1 rom.  Samsung has much more fans/users than nexus but a lot of people in android communities are android purist. They love instant updates, outstanding ROM support and stock android. 

I like Samsung new design language more than I like the nexus. I like metal and glass. Plus now ip68 certified. I like stock Android and fast updates too. But I can wait for the updates if I get a design I adore to hold. Stock Android is nice because it's generally faster than any skin out there. But the day when those companies catch up in terms of speed stock isn't going to have much going for it. Stock needs to catch up with more native features in my opinion. 

About the Oneplus 3 6GB of RAM smartphone , i want get it coming soon .. because of the way WiFi connection is built, despite the router "trys to deliver" the same quality of connection to each device, necessarily a device will have better connection that the other. I doubt that there are different antennas. or the latest update price xiaomi company the mi5's smartphones on Nextbuying price only $300 for 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM version Snapdragon™ 820 processor is best processor today . 


new android 6.0 system installed on phones

As much as I love the new android 6.0 system installed on oneplus 2 smartphones, about the oneplus 1 update to 6.0 system.. maybe wait cm system .. they really have skewed pretty far from where they were a few years ago. Their hardware is still some of the best, as is their software, but their after-purchase support has tanked. Now it is difficult to trust them. Unless and until they really start making promises and sticking to them with more transparency throughout the process, I doubt many will give them the time of day anymore.

The HTC 10 is actually really, really close to stock. Some icons swapped around and a few of their own default apps over Google's, but no more so than Moto. It really has come a long, long way. And, also like Moto, what they do add either makes Android genuinely better, or is out of the way so it can be easily ignored. 

It would've been better if they still made them customizable. I'd buy the one on the right if it could be black with red instead of all white. I gave it a try for just over a day, but i got a little frustrated for some of the apps I use daily that weren't where i needed them. I plan on trying it again and move some things differently, but I love the clean look, hence what attracted me. 

I think they will keep the new smartphones. They actually could do with sorting out the camera. I thought they had got it right on the xiaomi mi4c and 4s model or the meizu mx5 but it is still not that good. It was the best so far but still some way to go. oneplus 1 was the best one so far. A better version of the original cm12.1 system. Last year's was totally design by marketing research, this year seems to be going the same way. Samsung's front with LG's back, that's what I saw on the new oneplus x and oneplus 3 leak.

The back is still perfect, the metal frame has one tiny nick from a drop, and it has a tiny, almost invisible crack in each corner of the front glass from the same drop.  

I will wait the new xiaomi mi5 pro model 128GB and 4GB RAM on .. looking for that option as well because the vibration motor from the Nexus 6 sounds cheap or the Letv company new release the letv new 6GB max version smartphone .. 


New xiaomi smartphone mi5 was foolish not to launch it at MWC

New xiaomi smartphone mi5 was foolish not to launch it at MWC. The Mi 5 pro built in 4gb ram 128GB rom on the phones, has been out for weeks, and the mi5 will be in another few days assuming people want it ? The camera is really quite good. I guess I haven't compared it to other flagships but I am rarely disappointed by my shots. It has a fantastic auto HDR feature which makes taking a great photo really easy. 

Support for camera with 5.0. Now they remove the ambient mode. Slowly they r failing upto the almost stock android os part too more xiaomi smartphone see! Ambient Display has been removed from devices with FHD Display, and users previously on Ambient Display have been migrated .

different but the factory images are compatible with each other. In other words, you can flash an XT1053 image on an XT1058 and vice versa. The only difference between the 2 are the LTE bands that are supported. Do you want to flash a stock rom on your xt1053 or a custom rom? 

I may just keep it stock.  I've always liked the moto experience.  I did here good things about the CM13.0 rom though so I'm sure curiosity will eventually get me.  Not ready to void the warranty though.  new one if it can be traced back to unlocking the bootloader and installing unofficial software.

Xposed and a Nexus 5 with a custom ROM. To me there's not much of a difference between what custom ROMs like CM13 provide and what you can do with Xposed.  rooting doesn't void the hardware warranty, unlocking the bootloader does and ONLY IF it's not a hardware defect. If it bothers you, just have him root it. 

What does matter in a xiaomi miui rom phone is update policy, great functional and ergonomic hardware, display, voice and apps, and pure android experience.