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New smartphone reviews on the June 2018

my wife sent her android phone ( Moto X ) in for randomly shutting off, and it was gone for 1 weeks, came back with no documentation of any work they did, and still had the same problem, and then after complaining they told her to send it again and exact same outcome! And it's not that the chin looks bad on its own, it looks bad because of the notch area. If your going to do a notch, better make all of it edge to edge.  

As a smartphones, they are more or less the same. The processor 801 still runs very well and heats up even less than that of the x style. The only bad thing is that the moto x 2014 has remained stationary to Android 6.0 and you will not receive other updates. I had both and I can tell you that I have much preferred the moto x 2014

looks just like the xiaomi mi mix 2s which is fine because I like that back anyway. All glass with 2 tone behind, makes me think for sure they are getting wireless charging. Xiaomi MIUI 10 update AI camera the overall DxOMark score of 97 update to Xiaomi Mi 8 fireware ( camera ) DxOMark score of 105,  tends to change the software experience not just with looks but oftentimes they won't adopt the latest animations or even some newer features they have been know to leave out. I personally want to experience the full new software version as it was meant to be experienced.  

While we can’t confirm if the Pixel 3 XL has wireless charging support, that it does have a glass back bodes well for those hoping for the feature to be available. love my pixel 2 XL it's hands-down the best smartphone on the market. I even returned my S9 Plus because it did not even begin to compare. I am just disappointed that everybody likes to take a bite of Apple. The notch is ugly it messes with the symmetry of the screen. And those recent leaks of the 3XL look exactly like the 2XL I was expecting just a little innovation. 

Xiaomi New xiaomi mi 8 and mi 8 se smartphone t's really like Apple iPhone X Including front and back, new mi 8 support 3D face ID ( only support mi 8 Exploration Version), the mi 8 this time you can order it from Nextbuying ( MIUI 9.2 ) the system maybe update to MIUI 10 coming soon, still like headphone jack and big storage. 64GB is nothing now so i like 128GB, Android Apps about Play Music are good but they use a lot of internet if you listen to music a lot. 

Xiaomi Mi 8 and se version use Samsung AMOLED screen supposed to support  notmore than 60Hz, this one has 90Hz display, that'd be awesome. I'm impressed. But it's ironical that this beast doesn't have secondary camera a 12 mp sensor, instead they provided a cheap 8 mp second camera. The Samsung OLED screens on Galaxy phone uses inferior pentile arrangement.  The LG G7 uses RBGW arrangement per pixel, the panel is also capable of 1000nits of bright and supports HDR.  OLED has issues, burn in issues are very real and well documented.


feature phone would be good enough. Good battery

Buy Xiaomi smartphone, feature phone would be good enough. Good battery, size etc, received a bunch of good options, eventually bought Samsung or Apple which is more expensive in money, worse in parameters. look of stock Android system 7.0, but the mi mix 2s is a power user phone hardware wise, so why would you stock Android isn't as useful as smartphones.

I say this as a person who once had a xiaomi phone ( xiaomi mi5  ) as my main phone order from Nextbuying.  I hope not but Google has been on the button idea since android new.   I really don't want every little bump and scrape to show up on the phone.

Huawei mate 10s as a business phone and it gives me access to everything I need: calls, messaging, Chrome, Microsoft Office mobile suite, emails, a calculator, a camera, social media, and online retailers.  love my new smartphone. Was with xiaomi mi mix 2s SG 845 processor SOC, but had so many issues with Bluetooth an poor battery. Moderate use on the oneplus 5 and I finish the day with about 50% remaining and no problems with Bluetooth.

 I don't have that but my phone does show me my notifications as soon as I pick it up and all I have to do is place my finger on the fingerprint sensor, Nothing they have built in i can't find on the play store that functions as well or better for whatever purpose, but the difference is i can choose what i use and download it as needed.

Huawei P20 pro and mi mix 2s phones do it better. Nobody wants to be told what they are already looking at. Filter suggestion should be in post processing too, not as you're taking the shot. 


Got a big battery phones

That's actually why I switched from Samsung, I was just tired of the same old samsung, even though I still love their phone. Sometimes you just like something different, Android is 10.4. Certainly, this announcement is about the version of the application, not the version of the operating system.

I had that same issue I would get 4hrs to 4 1/2 hrs of screen on time after I got the April update so I decided to factory reset my new smartphones and now I'm back to 6 to 7 hrs screen on time and thats with constant uses and the standby time is awesome like 19 to 20 hrs of standby time. 

Bluetooth running, vibrate on, WiFi trying to connect possibly and switching to network etc. Maybe shut down a few services and see if it improves. Also, last full charge doesn't mean reaching 100%.

I want get a big battery phones, the battery will 4000 - 5000 mAh and the smartphone runs under the operating system Android 8.1 with its own xiaomi or other Chinese brand. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh, fast charging is not supported. Dimensions of the device 156 x 75.3 x 7.8 mm, weight 158 - 200g. 

About smartphone Marketing and is based in most cases, on a beautiful lie, and on the end user, they shit, right now even some developers of the smartphones themselves are such that in a year or two throw out a "destructive" firmware that it bent smartphones, and the user thought about buying a new smartphone. 

Why buy a Chinese brand, the xiaomi oneplus and huawei have high spec and more new smartphones, nothing, and even their support flash new global ROM with google service, you will get it of anything. So far, I have my oneplus 3t for about 3 year now, still in good shape. 

You will need to gain access to system root. Even if you have a custom ROM, you may not be able to upgrade many applications. I have a couple phones as old as yours and they are pretty much paperweights. They kept the headphone jack. I hate that they took it out of the new android phones.