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feature phone would be good enough. Good battery

Buy Xiaomi smartphone, feature phone would be good enough. Good battery, size etc, received a bunch of good options, eventually bought Samsung or Apple which is more expensive in money, worse in parameters. look of stock Android system 7.0, but the mi mix 2s is a power user phone hardware wise, so why would you stock Android isn't as useful as smartphones.

I say this as a person who once had a xiaomi phone ( xiaomi mi5  ) as my main phone order from Nextbuying.  I hope not but Google has been on the button idea since android new.   I really don't want every little bump and scrape to show up on the phone.

Huawei mate 10s as a business phone and it gives me access to everything I need: calls, messaging, Chrome, Microsoft Office mobile suite, emails, a calculator, a camera, social media, and online retailers.  love my new smartphone. Was with xiaomi mi mix 2s SG 845 processor SOC, but had so many issues with Bluetooth an poor battery. Moderate use on the oneplus 5 and I finish the day with about 50% remaining and no problems with Bluetooth.

 I don't have that but my phone does show me my notifications as soon as I pick it up and all I have to do is place my finger on the fingerprint sensor, Nothing they have built in i can't find on the play store that functions as well or better for whatever purpose, but the difference is i can choose what i use and download it as needed.

Huawei P20 pro and mi mix 2s phones do it better. Nobody wants to be told what they are already looking at. Filter suggestion should be in post processing too, not as you're taking the shot. 


Got a big battery phones

That's actually why I switched from Samsung, I was just tired of the same old samsung, even though I still love their phone. Sometimes you just like something different, Android is 10.4. Certainly, this announcement is about the version of the application, not the version of the operating system.

I had that same issue I would get 4hrs to 4 1/2 hrs of screen on time after I got the April update so I decided to factory reset my new smartphones and now I'm back to 6 to 7 hrs screen on time and thats with constant uses and the standby time is awesome like 19 to 20 hrs of standby time. 

Bluetooth running, vibrate on, WiFi trying to connect possibly and switching to network etc. Maybe shut down a few services and see if it improves. Also, last full charge doesn't mean reaching 100%.

I want get a big battery phones, the battery will 4000 - 5000 mAh and the smartphone runs under the operating system Android 8.1 with its own xiaomi or other Chinese brand. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh, fast charging is not supported. Dimensions of the device 156 x 75.3 x 7.8 mm, weight 158 - 200g. 

About smartphone Marketing and is based in most cases, on a beautiful lie, and on the end user, they shit, right now even some developers of the smartphones themselves are such that in a year or two throw out a "destructive" firmware that it bent smartphones, and the user thought about buying a new smartphone. 

Why buy a Chinese brand, the xiaomi oneplus and huawei have high spec and more new smartphones, nothing, and even their support flash new global ROM with google service, you will get it of anything. So far, I have my oneplus 3t for about 3 year now, still in good shape. 

You will need to gain access to system root. Even if you have a custom ROM, you may not be able to upgrade many applications. I have a couple phones as old as yours and they are pretty much paperweights. They kept the headphone jack. I hate that they took it out of the new android phones.


Recommend the Samsung or Huawei new smartphones

I like my s8 except for waiting so long for updates, and I think Assistant doesn't work as well.. Sometimes she just doesn't seem to be listening and I wonder if it's Bixby's fault. that smartphone exists in the rest of the world as honor, p8 lite 2017 to ride the wave of the success of the horrible.

The p8 lite (originally released in 2015 of which I have seen 4 specimens of which the last finally abandoned a couple of months ago). with the fact that it is preferable to the P9 lite. Among those listed the best is the smart P. But it normally costs more than the 2017 P8 lite.

I know you were looking for a software for PC, but my advice is a fit garmin type live band, which vibrates and shows the caller ... Of course you have to be within reach of Bluetooth, but it works great! from time to time and chroome Os and android will merge, however it could also agree to take any PC with touch display and windows 10 and upload in dual boot the great PhoenixOs to find you even android!

it should be scratch resistant anyway. The film as a rule only serve in the event of a fall, but there too the debate is debated. Not always when you break the film means that without the display would be broken. I have NEVER used film on any phone, except on Note 5 that I had that of Rhinoshield, but it was always full of fingerprints. 

Recommend the Samsung Note 8 for its very useful functions, such as the whole part dedicated to the pen that I think is not cheap and in daily work can be convenient to have this function, then I recommend it for the fact that Android has that is a very flexible os and allows you to do many things, not that iOS does not allow it, but it does not have all this openness as Android.

About Galaxy s9 are much better. I as a stupid I gave s8 to my wife x take Huawei p20, after one day I came back on samsung and got new Oneplus from Nextbuying. Now I hope that with the new updates the problems will be solved, for others never had on s8.