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Technically yes other wise its just sitting on a plug charge

Technically yes other wise its just sitting on a plug charge. Leaving it over night insures its ready to go when you wake up ,unless you have one of those nights where you think you hooked it up and noticed its not plugged in the wall.

The camera is the only thing stopping from getting it.  my phone concerning battery conservation is setting the screen brightness to auto and that was just half the reason and all habit from old phones. 
Battery life with the smartphones has been so good, it the first smartphone I've had that I always get through the workday and usually the whole day, to the point where my car charger lives in the glove box and I uninstalled the battery percentage app.

Was a miracle got to go to the site one more afternoon then its probably several months of being strapped to a chair with eyes propped open and glued to a computer screen. more money going directly and through the reviews china cubot smartphones.

Think the shutter speed needs to be increased know I've heard it's meant to be that way, but having capture with the lag I sometimes miss some quick shots. It seems it was quicker before, the quality now is amazing though! when you search an artist it will have a little card with artist photos and album info and a little link that says recently been liberated from a contract with Verizon and I'm all for prepaid wireless service and affordable phones. 

I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue crop up in any way consistently the manage to keep small bezels and the similar form factor I'm all for a little bit bigger for the tip. The more I compare the two the more I begin reconsidering. the new phone is actually perfect size just like the aluminum body on.