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See my smartphones as my go to watch that I wear

I can't see myself putting a bulky case on my beautiful thin and leather backed X. I'm waiting on someone to come out with a nice bumper case that leaves the back exposed. Glad you're liking it though.  have the black plastic one but I loved it naked. But I'm way too clumsy to keep it that way! I like the rugged feel of this case though and its not as bulky as I expected.

Case Mate Cover White Frost in color Power Support Brilliant Screen film  it's basically using and adjusting the touch to focus to the area in which you wanna get the picture of! the lightning will adjust according for better exposure.

have a couple of velcro stick-on tabs on the back of my orig Xiaomi mi4 via the link @xiaomi ... Keeps it in shirt pocket nicely even when bending over, also useful for attaching to the car dashboard while streaming music or using navigation.  front pants pockets or else only pockets having flaps.

See my smartphones as my go to watch that I wear for my daily routine. I use my Samsung Gear Live for the gym now and the offline music support is great.  only real issue with the Oneplus One is the camera. Hopefully the Nexus 6 has a better one. If so, I may abandon the for the Nexus 6. The camera is very important to me. Voice is frustrating me with how slow it is and every time I make a call, the call starts out muted so I have that feature turned off. The speed and screen are fine for me. Battery could be better, but I make it through the day.

try scotch tape to hold it down for two or three days while the silicon gels. I've had to do that with the ptf (or whatever the abbreviation is) film ones in the past. will probably have the same simple interface but be on top of the new camera APIs in Lollipop.

It's not necessarily the app itself that causes bad photos although I wish the Nexus 6 camera app had a little more options. It is way too down in my opinion, this is it, there won't be another one. Did it at least flash? And as I said before, there's no point in unlocking..  only runs on Verizon but I've read that they're making an international version that will be released soon and if not your country will hack our companies computers and steal its property to make their own as per usual

I have my first glass one on my one plus one and its very nice. It reinforces my opinion that we should have phones that come from the manufactures with plastic screens and tempered glass screen protectors. The parts are definitely made in Asia but I believe assembly was supposed to continue in TX until takes over. They may have already shifted some assembly overseas. 

from order to my door. 16gb huawei honor 6 from, white, Reason I mention this is that I've heard certain combos are taking longer than others to ship due to supply issues.  even though it's a custom order. So looks like they've already switched much to my disappointment. Still love the phone, now comes the funnest past.

 If anything, it should be even cheaper than that. I loved the original Nexus 6 but it was in no way an asbolute cutting edge flagship and arguably should have been priced around $599 when it came out.