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5.0 and 5.2 and 5.5 screen smartphone on the world

5.0 and 5.2 and 5.5 screen difference is not my idea of a choice for those of us who prefer a 5.5" or larger screen. I understand the specs are different .. Force Camera is rated one the highest in quality Mobile. The fingerprint scanner on front of the Moto Z is much more convenient especially when the phone is in the car dock. The active notification on the Moto is much easier with a simple wave of the hand and Pixel can't read texts. Moto is Head and Shoulders Above the Rest.

I think that choice is rarely a bad thing. Amazon and Google are both good in different ways. Having both on one device would mean having the best of everything. For me if it is optional is a good thing BUT if that will make the updates even slower not a good thing.

the Moto Z Force. It's a toss-up between the Turbo 2 and the force with the pixel third place. The pixel just doesn't have the real world convenience that we have with the Moto like chop chop and double twist. The active display on the pixel is nice but not nearly as user-friendly as the Moto. I really struggled between the Turbo 2 and the Moto as to which is my favorite but I will always love the Turbo 2.

My Friend is a Moto fans, got Moto x 1st gen, moto X 2nd gen, droid turbo and droid turbo 2, now waiting for new Moto Z Force. All of them still working great... I own a Moto x and this has to be one of the smartest phone.. Specs aren't important. should focus on optimization in order to maximize battery life and continue to improve their cameras. The two features the average consumer cares about the most are cameras and battery life.

If you have a Verizon model, then that might have been Verizon. Guest mode when it had Lollipop, but none of my DROIDs have. It's not that important, especially when you have a USB Type C that can act as both by putting a cable in it that lets you do both, or by making a mod that lets you have the headphone jack..

About xiaomi mi mix 2 smartphone .. It looks nice and all, but I doubt it would be functional. How do you put a case on that? Glass screen protector? Is the glass now more fragile due to the design of the screen / phone? How do you hold that thing and use the touchscreen? I can only imagine the amount of ghost touches along the sides. Bezels on phones nowadays can be minimized but used to your advantage - better speaker / mic placement, hardware button placement, option of using a case, etc. It's a nice design but I don't think it would work in the real world. 

Today xiaomi company have release the SOC chip and a new Xiaomi mi5c use the SOC chip, other new model the redmi 4x use Qualcomm 435 SOC chip . other new the oneplus 3t have update price on Nextbuying and support shipping to Norway :) 



About Battery life and good camera smartphones ?

My smartphone the oneplus one need a new battery but I'm saying that the cameras you might be a software thing and if you reset it may fix it if it doesn't then buy a new camera module , I would suggest replacing the module but don't spend 30 Euro on it get online find a module that works with your phone .

Xiaomi Mi 5 has 3000mah. MiUI 8 based on MM 6.0.1 is very battery savy to. Important to say the Snapdragon 820 CPU is running at 1.8Ghz instead of 2.15Ghz and 510Mhz instead of 624Mhz on the GPU. New Google Pixel is the way to go for people who love pure stock android. There is no way around. There is no X 2013 these days. I don´t like the Pixel design that much to. The bezels are to big, however this electric blue not being my type of color, i must say is very nice looking and matches the back design nicely. Despite not being my favourite phone in the design department, the internals and software are top notch. The camera is great to.

Battery life is amazing! I haven't had such an amazing battery life since the original moto x on KitKat! This shows you how optimized the software was for the hardware on the x1 because it was built by google and how OEMs suck at software optimizations!

I got that phone back and it's still running like a champ. I'm going to be giving it to my dad next. That should be the real test.   I have a good ear for sound, but hey, I could be wrong. I have been using these for over a year with very good results.

 It is somewhat expensive, in my opinion, to have something that essentially will let you zoom way in and take a clearly focused pic. I have a Canon SX700 that excels at that. I really think Lenovo/Moto and Verizon in particular could've worked in concert to price the Mod's a little more reasonably, especially considering that Moto developed the magnetic pogo hardware (and the projector mod) completely in house. I really think that $300 for a average to below average spec projector is ludicrous, especially considering you can buy third party ones that cost less and have better specs. Same with the Hasselblad camera Mod. 

 it should be the fix for low notifications too. about new xiaomi mi note 2 or the great phone xiaomi mi mix on Nextbuying the xiaomi smartphones ?  Mi 5 with curved back and only 69.2 mm width is very good for one handed usage. OG Moto X is 65.3 mm and the OP3T is 74.7 mm. Forget about one handed usage on the OP3T. 

like the back of Oneplus 3T, I don't know how I feel about bump of camera because Moto X don't have it but it's not a big deal when you can resolve with an official cover or don't care because it's sapphire.