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Android update new version 4.4.4

The latest week android have online android 4.4.4, Google is coming with the latest version of the Android OS. according to various online sources Google has given the name lollipop to its fresh the next version is Android 4.5 or 5.0. 

Pair this ROM with updated kernel note 2, first I thought maybe I was input it incorrectly, so I rechecked and even logged in/out on my PC just to make sure.  I wasn't blaming you or your post. I just mentioned it. I'm the idiot that reset my phone. i'm just stuck now and I'm asking the community if they have any advice. I'm sorry if you got that impression. That was not my intention.

Introduced in 4.3 in the permissive state and locked to enforcing in 4.4. While explaining about that will be quite long, so I recommend reading some articles on Linux to understand better.

Anyways, that notification is updating the Linux content to patch vulnerabilities which could lead to remote lockdown or hijack of the device, due to knox being a secure container and being controlled remotely. looking to try a new rom on my n2 n7105, looking for a 4.4 rom would love some note 3 features any recommendations

know I looked at the Note 3 several times but I think 5.5 is the limit for me. Its not the size of the phone itself, its the size of the screen. initially saw reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 receiving its Android 4.4.2 KitKat update towards the end of April. After a month and a half.

 still live my Note 2. I've re entry been playing with an iPhone 4s I've acquired and the size difference is crazy. I'm certainly not hurrying to upgrade yet. Considering the size of the possible note 4 will be relatively the same size as the note 3 just with better hardware specs.

 I definitely wait. Im holding out for it myself right now even though I use the note 3. I was going to get the S5 but im holding out. I came from the vibrant to the S2 and skipped S3 and note1 and 2 and skipped S4 and got Note 3 and now skipping S5 and waiting for Note 4. 

Yes definitely wait for Note 4 which should only be 3/4 months away. note 2 is still kicking ass not only bc it's rooted but bc the phone itself is beast and even when the Note 3 launched I didn't think it was a large enough update to consider dropping the money on it..

Also after Note 4 comes out you can buy used Note 3 for a less than a new Note 4. There are several other impressive handsets to consider as well. when available, the OnePlus 1 is especially nice features for modest off-contract price. go off contract and get a carrier-unlocked handset for max freedom to select wireless carriers.

Related to the 4.4 update, have a rooted Verizon Note 2 and have yet to receive a notification for its availability.  can I update while rooted (I think it is a no, but not sure)? If not, can someone provide a link or detail what I should do to return to stock?   no custom ROM. any help is appreciated. this should get you back to stock 4.3 and then you can update OTA from there.

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