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There are several great options for Android smartphone

There are several great options for Android smartphone buyers this fall, but so far it looks like Motorola offers the most bang for the buck ?? Thinking about jumping from my s6 edge to the pure edition. Galaxy Note 5 is officially launched, there's only few devices left for which we are anticipated about and Nexus 5...

Moto X Play vs. Galaxy S6  Rear camera is exactly the same, video is a little different due to processor. Front camera is also different as Style has front flash. You will be pleased with both devices! If the data is found, back it up to your pc and then transfer to your new phone. Then format your sd card through your PC and insert into the new phone.

Most people buying phones outside of carriers are geeks like us or cheap prepaid sales like straight talk or cricket. Those same geeks are the ones that will be reading reviews saying the camera is worse than the competition. don't think that necessitates a hardware upgrade. Give me more context, more AI, more usability. Something like recognising more conversational language.

it's my first but I would get an smartphones screen size is perfect for me. Hitting the near 6 inch mark is stretching it a bit but if you can afford it they are great phones.

If you watch the polls in the community about the size, you can see that a lot of people prefer a phone like screen. If people want a bigger screen, they can just buy a tablet and that's it. 1080P is the perfect screen res in terms of sharpness for 5" to 5.7". 720P suits 4.7" well to. do I think consumers will all eventually be aware they can buy outside of their carriers? mention 5 inch phones sell better than 6 inch online site maybe oneplus or moto or other Chinese smartphones, have get one Xiaomi mi note phone on , cheap price and express shipping from Shenzhen China 5 work day ! 

Owned a Nexus S, 4 and 7. None of them were perfect but I've never had the performance issues I've had with this X. That's my main gripe. I like that despite the 5.7" screen it is a lot narrower than the Nexus 6. That will make it a lot easier to handle.

specs are based on rumors, the rumors on other rumors.. i'm normally all in on the Nexus rumors...But This year, I can't get with it. only phone maker that I have seen that has done it right was Sony with Xperia Z3 mini, they kept flagship specs just made it a smaller size. if you buy a Chinese Smartphones maybe xiaomi and meizu ?? or new Release xiaomi redmi note 2 MTK Helio X10 64Bit octa-core processor, Cortex-A53 2GB RAM...  just hope you don't have any issues.  Customer service will go from bad to non existent. But with the prices of the devices it could be justified.

Actions and Assist don't get in the way of stock Android they enhance it and if you don't wanna use them turn them off its on app that's it. Stock has already tried to replicate active display with Ambient display but it doesn't work nearly as well.  


Order Nexus 6 or Oneplus Two ??

Thinking often about republic wireless. I jump around prepaid carriers alot and it looks like a great deal, but I don't exactly understand how it works. I'm no idiot  I also find it to be better looking, the only thing that caught my attention in the Play is actually the battery size. gifting it to when I upgrade, but I won't upgrade to anything that isn't ready to work with my carrier of choice. 

 I've been contact free for over a decade. even with contacts I don't see why you wouldn't expect a smartphones android 5.1 to come soon to the us market...definitely is an upgrade. At this time, I'm waiting for my Verizon deal to the expire. Looking to get into a GSM platform in hopes to have better resale value on phones from here onward.  This is the upcoming equivalent for outside the US... Looks like the new droid will be sporting the 810 Snapdragon,  having a Dual core Cortex A57 @1.8 Ghz that doesnt throtle than a quad cortex a57 that throtles heavily like the Snap 810... 

Nexus 6 still fantastic hardware, stock Android, no bloatware, works on all carriers so I can switch to T-Mobile and use overseas Sim cards if I want.  buy the phones; we should raise the bar if we pay only for devices like Nexus 6 or OnePlus Two with good specifications, anything above $500 is not acceptable... 

 I've just checked Nextbuying and found 16 GB 3GB RAM and 64GB 4GB RAM. If Oneplus Two will sell 64 GB version for $499... I don't know why anyone will buy it ? it shipping from China and the DHL shipping cost $19.98

REALLY love my second nexus 5. It's the best phone I've ever used yet. It's my computer, my lifeline, my entertainment hub etc. But give me another gig of ram, another half inch of screen and a bigger battery? Heaven! I'm buying the pure, the day it releases, hands down! My lovely girlfriend will inherit my lovely second gen and as intriguing as the stock silicone option is, I'll probably keep it bamboo. 

the smaller screen, it really isn't that much smaller dimensionally. In fact, it is thicker, and despite the plastic frame, heavier. Also, the screen is lower resolution and the SoC is less powerful.

It is definitely a good option for some, but the smartphones is most definitely the flagship device. technically one could call it a "side grade". The performance is roughly similar for every-day tasks GPU is much faster, the battery life and camera on the Chinese smartphones  will be better, and the only thing you really lose is Voice which can be replicated with a Wear device.

It will also be pretty much guaranteed to get at least the next two major updates Android N next year, and may see more depending on support (it is their most-sold device, after all, and requires the least effort to update). So, one could argue that those currently using the xiaomi, who don't mind the loss it, would be perfectly happy using the phones

its original size and placement on the device. The bar is an additional design element to keep it and the camera module from looking unbalanced. it's the same reason the dimple on the phones is the same size as the camera module, to give the design visual consistency. 


The Nexus is better in low light and complete darkness.

The Nexus is better in low light and complete darkness. The X is 100x faster to launch and take the pic. I found myself taking way more pictures with my X than any other device (cameras too) because of how fast it is. The problem is that the pics. Nexus 5 takes consistently better pictures in my experience with both. The nexus 5 takes a fair amount of washed out pictures although the camera is much better after the latest update.

You get me wrong,i mean is at&t can be unlock SIM network,but cant unlock boot-loader because think I found the answer now in a previous thread at the mobile phones, need to get a Developer edition. Still, if anyone has any points to make definitely get the developer edition if you are banking on tethering. Then you don't have to worry about a root exploit they just happen to be interactive, on screen and display useful information, just curious on the band frequencies the phones uses 2100/2600. 

Going with the Lenovo a850. The active display and battery life pushed me in that direction after almost ordering the nexus the day before the cyber Monday thing was announced  do you by any chance have ART enabled? Maybe that's the issue ,did the same thing. I couldn't wait the 4 days or so for it to be shipped so I bought the black one. Kinda kicking myself, love the phone.

 got so mad because I switched from Verizon to sprint because Verizon never brought out updates on time mail choice I select Google and it'll say that it's not supported, but works anyway. Is there something that comes up for you that makes you think it's not working router combinations. Discard this possibility if it happens with multiple different routers, or try upgrading your router firmware.

Slow and erratic connections. Thought for sure it was the Lenovo phone at nextbuying. In my router settings I noticed a new firmware update. I ran it and haven't had a problem since. believe we will see this available to all very soon.  Good doesn't have a history of keeping anything to themselves.