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Moto x Phone Screen Lock Issue

That's what I meant. To disable the lock screen widgets or disable them somehow.
 for the record I'm not an iPhone user. And I'm talking about features of stock Android 4.2.2 only.

 Touchwiz or Sense or even a launcher. This only applies to pure Android. I don't think I'll ever have to install Nova Launcher again, esp. on the Moto X because it's basically stock. The only reason I installed Nova on my s2 was to get rid of dumb ugly Touchwiz, and to get the pure Android experience buy a android phones .

 lock screen widgets still function even though the phone is locked I think. That's the problem :/ I don't want anyone reading my texts or taking pictures etc.

add a password/pattern/face lock you can't use lock screen widgets any more. At least that's what happened with a friend's galaxy nexus with pattern lock and corporate account. Idk if it's the corporate account to blame, or the pattern lock.

should still have to go through the lock(pin, password, dots, whatever) no matter if you click a widget or not.any apps from the Play Store, then no. But alas, using apps from the Play Store on stock Android is STILL stock Android...

I'm definitely an iPhone user lol. I'm currently using an s2 with 4.1 and nova launcher. When I get my new phone I will only be using stock. And yes I was talking about removing the extra screens for added privacy and security.

far as the lock screen... I'm not site what you mean. If you mean, 'Is there a setting to turn off the ability to swipe over on the lock screen,' then no, I do not see that. Could be wrong though

 all android phones as far as I know, and I'm not sure what you mean by multiple lock screens. Moto X for my mom and I. Does stock 4.2.2 Android include wallpaper scrolling, and can I change it so there's only the lock screen and no lock screen