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AT&T smartphone update to Android 5.1

One of the big reasons I chose the Maxx over the Turbo was the Verizon rep claimed it wasn't getting the update. I do not want it, every one that has it is having problems. The Turbo has a different processor than the Maxx, I'm guessing that has something to do with it.

Even if you clear cache and hard reset, the swipe lag will be there, but only if you close swipe them fast. Moderate swipe speed will not show any lag. didn't fix anything simply deployed the soak version it self...??  for Lollipop or it will be for KitKat too because on my KitKat it is showing to update but when I update there is no change. 

According to my point of a view a person should think how a device intimately works because a person should Techincaly know what exactly he is buying. He should know about all the software features and and all hardware specs so as to find best handset for himself/herself. So i do think whatever comes from google is an improvement over the previous one but it may or may not be the case in smartphones. 

Seems like statistics bug, not actual drain. I still haven't found any bugs as yet. Battery life is slightly better than KK, but will improve over time as you continue to use Lollipop. All my older phones could do it but now they got to be updated to it for you to be able to on Verizon at least on the Chinese smartphone on . complete ROM so you can't flash it by rsd or mfastboot. You can sideload it in stock recovery. Or wait until someone captures FXZ so that you can flash it directly

trusted devices is there but the way you enable it is different, You need to first enable trust agents in security and then smart lock would appear.  Mobile charging in switched off mode and if power button is pressed for 2-3 seconds and released then boot will be normal, but if the Power button is press & hold for longer time i.e. 7-10 seconds than the boot will optimize all the apps again.

I can't deny big red. I downloaded 5.1 in 6 minutes in Worcester MA on smartphones on Nextbuyng site. That was a 500 mb update. I haven't seen a phone on 4g as fast as this one yet. Tough to trade this in for a phone with volte, I also work in a recycling facility and when the plant is running most people can't hear the background noise. So I can't imagine how good it will be on volte, sigh I'll just keep waiting because I like this phone to much. 

 I have become used to using the settings pull down menu, especially with the addition of the toggle buttons, hope its final version Phone is faster, Battery with still on LTE works like on kitkat or little better   Locked will be to one carrier Verizon and ATT usually are unlocked especially Verizon which allows you to use GSM if you move to another carrier. Most of the ATT ones came unlocked but in certain situations they weren't. Sprint normally locked all which prevented you from using theirs on ATT or another GSM.  that chinese 4g lte smartphones is waiting for the approval of AT&T

Think it really will effect which ever you do first. Apps are going to get updated either by play store one way or the other.   LG3 is doing VoLTE without issue in northern Minnesota on VZW. He says he has to use 10-digit dialing.. Verizon's Advanced Calling includes VoLTE and the ability to use voice and data simultaneously, which the ulefone be touch & touch 2 can't do on Verizon currently. 

Device is encrypted which obviously slows things down, but I truly don't notice with 5.1. Also, the launcher redraw has been addressed so transitions back to home screen are really fast.


The Nexus is better in low light and complete darkness.

The Nexus is better in low light and complete darkness. The X is 100x faster to launch and take the pic. I found myself taking way more pictures with my X than any other device (cameras too) because of how fast it is. The problem is that the pics. Nexus 5 takes consistently better pictures in my experience with both. The nexus 5 takes a fair amount of washed out pictures although the camera is much better after the latest update.

You get me wrong,i mean is at&t can be unlock SIM network,but cant unlock boot-loader because think I found the answer now in a previous thread at the mobile phones, need to get a Developer edition. Still, if anyone has any points to make definitely get the developer edition if you are banking on tethering. Then you don't have to worry about a root exploit they just happen to be interactive, on screen and display useful information, just curious on the band frequencies the phones uses 2100/2600. 

Going with the Lenovo a850. The active display and battery life pushed me in that direction after almost ordering the nexus the day before the cyber Monday thing was announced  do you by any chance have ART enabled? Maybe that's the issue ,did the same thing. I couldn't wait the 4 days or so for it to be shipped so I bought the black one. Kinda kicking myself, love the phone.

 got so mad because I switched from Verizon to sprint because Verizon never brought out updates on time mail choice I select Google and it'll say that it's not supported, but works anyway. Is there something that comes up for you that makes you think it's not working router combinations. Discard this possibility if it happens with multiple different routers, or try upgrading your router firmware.

Slow and erratic connections. Thought for sure it was the Lenovo phone at nextbuying. In my router settings I noticed a new firmware update. I ran it and haven't had a problem since. believe we will see this available to all very soon.  Good doesn't have a history of keeping anything to themselves.