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Today iPhone New Phones will Release

 If they want to gain marginal status in the industry again they better release something more innovating than last years model and brand it the best iPhone yet ,happy it takes 100's of different china android phones variations to compete with one phones

No wonder your trolling a apple posting, there isn't an android phone out there that beats the iPhone 5 hands down in any benchmark test or for functionality or productivity. 

Remember the comparison between Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 when they went out and Galaxy S3 beating iPhone 5 in almost every field

iPhone 5S, it's a break though in technology because we added a touch ID sensor. Now you can make sure no one steals your coloring book themed phone. how much antenna problems were reliable on iPhone 4 as well as sudden death of iPhone 5 phones. 

Which were taken care of quickly, an last i checked, this is an apple posting, so you bounce lil troll, go change your Homescreen or something on your toys 

How much better than a turd so yeah bounce lil troll oh and 75% of global market share of smart phones OS belong to android need to wake up outta it and check the real tech blogs and YouTube comparison videos of iPhone 5 benchmark test against all the latest android phones to hit the market this year, and none totally wins hands down 

Not as comfortable as the one on my 4G. It actually takes less than a second to unlock it, with a finger that is always near the power switch/fingerprint scan iOS 7 is looking more like android and they are putting a touch I'd sensor that the attrix had 2+ years ago


Next iPhone Start 9.10

Would Apple fans be pissed? As they all claim that they like smaller screens and larger screens are ridiculous according to Apple fans. I bet they will all be excited about getting a larger screen now.

Would suck for iOS apps. right now, the way they're designed, they support the few screen sizes that exist everyone is going to have to redesign their apps bigger screens is a natural progression, that isn't anyone stealing anyone else ideas.

Meanwhile their building them in sweatshops that just were found to be violating workforce laws either it happens or it doesn't.  Supposed "Analysts" have been making this claim for years.  

Anybody remember the letter boxed apps on the iPhone 5? Now think again while having a 6" phone in mind galaxy note 3 ? .

had a love hate relationship with my music teacher, that could be incorrect. He reportedly had a 2nd Dan in far out twee. We we're all reluctant to battle with him as a result.a few well placed digs, of the non bruised kind.

Looking back, i deserved them, i was detrimental to the rest of the class at the time. anyway, the point being, me chubby finger's we're no good for the Roland rat keyboard.

Do they even teach music in school i get the feeling, that they try to teach & face to much exasperation in the coffee.factual matter's of progress digress, retina screen cheap tablets from with wireless charging is the type of device that i would buy for sure.

For iPhone users considering the fact that Apple only ever makes a single phone option. At least with others, if they make a larger phone you still have plenty of choices for smaller ones. Either way, if they do this fan boys will still hail it as the greatest thing Apple just invented something awesome and new.