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Google released M & quick charge smartphones tech

Google released M, they've detected some bugs and decided to jump from kk to N. But we should be happy because they've told that this will be until December.  still in just Preview mode. It will most likely released when the next NEXUS phone comes out and that is always around at the start of November. we will focus into M right now and you guys could keep waiting for a update that won't come

people concerned with Android M when we haven't even received OTA for freaking 5.1.1 yet. That shouldn't even be in people's damns minds sense Xiaomi is taking their time releasing Lollipop. It shouldnt even be in anyone damn heads yet. 

Update Services is to go to Play Store -> My apps and select All. You should find it there. I haven't ever been notified of an update for this so I have to check it this way. sounds like the update applied but for some reason still seeing the deferred message.  Checking with the team on why that is still showing. looking forward to a persistent user experience, proper AOT compilation, and Doze mode. Will beat the crap out of my new Chinese android smartphones on Nextbuying with android 5.0 with custom roms until its truly obsolete. Rocking 5.1.1.

All this time with KitKat in production, with any small bug or performance fixes right before 5.1 is released  know that I'll never see an M preview on anything but a nexus. But I was highly disappointed to see an 5.0 update on my phone on the day of the M announcement. My phones reboots randomly due to the memory bug. I expect any company to react much more quickly, especially Lenovo that promised quick updates.

The 5.0 update was totally unnecessary since they have a 5.1 in place already. I want to choose if I want to try to install it or not.

Charger for "quick charge 2.0" is protected by copyright. So you need to have a special "certified" charger for this. Not ANY charger will do. This charger is special with "smart" adjustments based on compatible/proprietary software by Qualcomm to adjust automatically by trigger of output voltage and software (of course linking to chipset compatibility by Qualcomm) from the device. 

So, you can have "quick charge" capabilities, but not the software and you'll get nowhere with any charger. the answer is to change the software. like the Nexus 6, but the phone is not for me either. The xiaomi mi4 ( MIUI 6 ) via, next i want get a xiaomi mi note pro (4GB RAM ) and Qualcomm 810 or ASUS zenfone 2 ( intel processor 4GB of RAM )  has the perfect size. about to buy the quick charger but now I find it unnecessary, when I flashed the ROM my battery last for all my day and when I am going to sleep I only plug the phone in the charger so when I wake up I have a Full charge .