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Smart watches or Smart band ??

Compare the 3 most exciting smart watches with each other.  Apple's week. Their biggest and baddest products are unveiled and we know many of you are going nuts over the brand new Apple Watch. 

The LG G-Watch R may not be the prettier of the two, but the design appears to be a bit more practical as the display is better protected against unexpected bumps with that raised bezel. The Moto 360 is definitely the sexier but the G-Watch is no slouch either.

The "Special features" seems a bit misleading considering that

1. Many Android Wear watches (the 360 included) have a heart rate sensor

2. You get all of Google Now on Android Wear (same as you get Siri on Apple Watch)

3. You can build apps for Android Wear as well (Allthecooks, RunKeeper, and Google Keep are great examples)

And you didn't even mention the expanded features that Android Wear is getting soon [1] such as offline music playback and GPS support.

Moto360  battery life isn't terrible. I took my watch off the charger just after 08:00 this morning and it's now 16:00. I'm down to 61% battery which roughly works out to be about 5% usage per hour. Extrapolating from that tells me that my Moto 360 will be completely dead after 20 hours. While this is shorter than the battery life of the LG G Watch, I should still be able to get a full day of use with the Moto 360.

Usage level today has been about "normal" for me. I have all notifications enabled. I read them when they pop up on my wrist and dismiss them when I'm done.

Sorry but unfortunately you have everything back to Apple vs. Android comparison reduced are also other systems. The world is not black / white;-) was interested in me as well is compared Tizen (Gear)?

A comparison between vaporware and really existing gadgets is of course. Fear that next spring, the magic is gone?  Future Zone has shown the currently existing at least in addition to the collected Apple Werbebildchen, here you get only brochures. Read I save time.

That's awesome news. By the time I'm ready to get one, the LG G Watch R (horrible name) will be out as well and I'll have to decide between the two. One difference with the 360 is that I disabled "ambient mode" which means the screen is completely off when not in use. I can keep the LG with the screen on all the time and still have plenty of juice left when I go to bed.

Mine is sitting on my desk, right next to the Samsung Gear Live.  I took both off charge 5 hours ago.  Both are connected to a phone and have similar settings. i want get some cheap xiaomi mi band only $27-$30 USD on, you can Tracking running sport, call , Sleep etc... more about mi band reviews check the nextbuying blogs with video ... 

The motorola is at 50% while the Samsung is at 85%. This is actually my first day of use so spent some time showing off features to people apart from checking all my usual notifications... Considering that i'm happy with the battery life. 

Changing the band was fairly easy. Sizing the band was a little more challenging. In case you're wondering, the standard Pebble Steel band fits the Moto 360. I saw that the watch band would need a little notch up by the pin so that it fits on the Moto 360. I've picked out a couple watch bands online, and I'm going to try making my own little notch to see if it will fit correctly.

Plastic tabs on the inside of the Moto 360 where the band goes in. I'm not sure why they did that. The Pebble Steel band happens to have a notch in the middle of the end links so it's a perfect fit.