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Update Android to My Smartphones

It only works on Android 4.2.2 android smartphone , if you already updated to 4.3 you're outta luck. If you're on anything lower than 4.2.2 it wont work either, updating to 4.3 is the only option. 

The T-Mobile variant got extremely lucky with towelroot and the firmware build at the time of its release. have rooted several times had to stock-ify with odin after bootlooping a few times have no issues with it. if not, we would say it was either a small carrier settings update or part of the update. Unless, you see a change in performance, I wouldn't worry too much.

Personally I wouldn't waste my time with roms. Most are bug ridden. Cm11 or carbon are the most stable but not based. That's why i always revert to stock or stock rooted.  i've had no problems either, actually when I first installed it I lost my mobile APN but just did it over and I can say I've had no issues, not based on carrier, this update will come through the Play Store.

Android 4.4.4 or the Android L build and i found out that you can unlock screen by gestures and that is cool but i use softpower to unlock screen and it seems to bypass the security gesture which seems like a hole in is there anything i can do to fix this or is it the problem of rom itself. 

So what ROM can update to 4.4.4, i have a note 2 and my wife have a Chinese smartphone the THL T11 ( base android 4.2 system, MTK processor 2GB RAM got it at ) or The CM11 support it ? 

Adding features that have been in aosp for some time now. Heads up is like hover from paranoid android, the new battery saver app is just a wakelock detector but built by Google, lock screen notifications have been in aosp based ROMs since 4.3 jellybean, if your s3 once you upgrade to 4.3, it's a pain to downgrade it. the easy way would be to flash back to a 4.3 ROM. when you do that, your EMEI will be given back, running on 4.3 Jellybean Vodafone version. Could somebody point me in the right direction, how to root it and what custom rom to use.