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Android L system running my smartphones

There is nothing wrong with android system, cache, reset or anything else. I'm fully stock, after reset, and I'm seeing too much weird bugs, that never happened to me on custom lollipops. I guess the phone will never manage to fix them. KitKat is the last stable ROM for X1. Already getting a feeling, that I need to get rid of it.. This is a bug ?? that's just appeared once, I've managed to shoot it and now it's gone :) Nothing to do with clearing cache or daydream. Just a set of actions that lead to this and I don't know how to do it again !! 

5.1 bug how can it be printed circuit board faulty.. I never ever dropped my phone on the floor never let water settle on it... How will printed circuit board will be the faulty. process control block PCB, also called task controlling block, processor table, task struct or switch frame is a data structure in the operating system kernel containing the information needed to manage a particular process. The PCB is the manifestation of a process in an operating system...

You need to have an otg adapter and download fastboot for use on android. There's a thread on xda about running fastboot from android with a terminal emulator app, check it out.   the new smartphones which has LCD instead of amoled. I'm guessing even would be packing that feature this time around

The original xiaomi mi note get it from was so charming. The size was perfect and no other phone I've held has felt better in one hand. It was not powerful but the sum of its parts just worked together so well for the normal consumer.   running the xiaomi mi4 with MIUI 6 and couldn't be happier with it. Works great, ergonomically its a marvel and its close to stock with a few useful extra Chinese smartphone features. 

does that mean my PCB is sometimes damaged and all other times it's fine? It repairs by itself?-Nope. have faced this issue starting from day 1 after update 5.1. factory reset , clear cache and even re flashing whole OS not helped in my case. Good for me they are replacing free of cost . 

 lollipop update with the latest camera app really improved the performance of the camera. I did notice the camera is also capable of shooting in raw format. I haven't tested this but I believe it can do raw. One week ago with the same usage (before the 5.1 update), I'd be getting around twice that..

And, is it that PCBs of all android phone's all around the world have damaged after the Lollipop update? Then the cause of issue is android itself, it shud provide replacements to everyone.