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The new smartphones update android reviews

A hardware digitizer issue, though sometimes things can be tuned out with config file changes or firmware updates for the controller the miui 7 locked.  xiaomi may want to see your particular phone if you send it in.  You should create a thread in the official miui forums download to get the attention of official miui staff. 

Probably 90% of the time it has no impact because it seems that the ghost touches are being simulated as "light touches", if that makes sense. And that my real touch is more prominent, thus taking priority of what is touched. the Chinese smartphone as xiaomi, meizu Oneplus and huawei camera is OK but nowhere in the league of iphone.  6p is OK but not great.  Side by side with my kids iPhone 6 video recording in slomo his iPhone runs rings around the grainy quality in low light of my n6p.  Best camera I have on a smart phone is iphone 6s.

Once I made the change from iphone to Android, I can't see myself ever going back. Good luck and hopefully one day you'll make it back to the Android side as the new xiaomi redmi note smartphone the redmi note 3 on, work phone handles calls and text just fine. It's all the other features of Android, and general usability that I'll miss.

Since it is a rollout, it is luck of the draw. Only certain devices on the CDMA networks will get the update, not all of them. Because of this, removing your sim will only work for certain people at different times. My suggestion is to try again later today.  My carrier is retus. No idea what that means, but if yours says AT&T or T-Mobile, they probably won't even have your IMEI on their list for updates right now.

Main difference is really just about receiving calls/texts - as that will always come from T-Mobile and without untrusted Wifi AP IMS tunneling enabled, you'll never truly have extended signal over the network.  That's the main difference.  SMS over IMS is related, as you can receive texts via data.  MMS already transmits as data packets.

Got it without being in the soak test program I installed it a week ago I don't think they pushed the soak test I think they push the official one by mistake last week. I am the type of person that likes to be able to customize the phone that I purchase and Apple doesn't seem to give you those freedoms.

About the android system Upgrade was fairly painless. Had to update and then remove/disable some dumb apps.    One thing I discovered is that my smartwatch was no longer a trusted device. I had to Google a bit to find out how to turn Smart Lock on.

I always do it following an OS OTA updates Plus there are tons of updates to follow through afterwards in the Google system file folders and such.  Keeping in mind its a new OS so that being said apps and file systems will need to be updated afterwards. but it will feel weird going from never using WiFi, to completely reliant on it.

Following an OS OTA updates Plus there are tons of updates to follow through afterwards in the Google system file folders and such.  Keeping in mind its a new OS so that being said apps and file systems will need to be updated afterwards.


I just cant start my phone the screen doesn't go on

I just cant start my phone the screen doesn't go on i'm trying to reboot to recovery but it doesn't ! but then it's pretty useless because you'll have to unlock your phone before it gives you any results or do anything. It will let you give the command. 

During adoption, the system moves all of /sdcard from the eMMC to the adopted drive. It will NOT copy /data, where apps and their protected data are stored. Apps have to support installation to the adopted drive, otherwise, they'll install like a regular SD card with their protected data still on the eMMC in /data.

install on "external" storage. Marshmallow will force this trend. However i would never use an SD card with speeds slower than the internal storage. but it's still pretty demanding on the NAND flash interface itself. This is why Apple shoved a PCIe SSD controller into the iPhone 6s, so sequential read speeds are over 400MB/s WITH encryption. 

 About phone battery i believe you need to calibrate your battery. Leave your phone shuts down by itself by the lack of battery. Plug your phone in to the charger. Don't turn the phone on. Charge it from 0% to 100% in off mode. A good smartphone battery will be at least 120 minutes charging until it reaches 80%. When 100% is reached leave it charging for another 30 minutes. This is the procedure to calibrate the battery. In OFF state. Just do it and let me know if it helped. 

restored the factory version of YouTube because its the only one that would play without cutting out at the middle of the video to say 'Touch to Retry'. But over time it will go away trust me it has happened to me.  If the problem is speed, wipe the cache. If it continues slow, do a factory reset. Mine works as smooth as in kitkat. 

This is my order android phone problem but the new android 5x system OS no the problem include the Oneplus and xiaomi new smartphone the system install official version oneplus oxygen os buy it on Nextbuying and the xiaomi redmi note use xiaomi miui eu ROM . 




I fear because all good phone is over 5" or 5.5" ??

Unlocked version smartphone at Nextbuying to activate on the carrier of your choice. Better to just buy through Xiaomi & Lenovo and add shipping cost for singpost $2.98 for the new xiaomi redmi note 2 smartphones. 

I have mine since this November so its not old but I fear because all good phone is over 5" ?? i like 5.5" screen smartphones and I want maintain one hand use , about going from 4.7 inch to 5.2 but I've adjusted. Now wondering if I can adjust to 5.7? those xiaomi redmi note 2 features from lenovo k3 note. or the 5.7" xiaomi mi note and mi note pro.  and given that the style has a slightly larger screen 5.5 over 5.7. 

My wife trying to decide if I should just stick with apple or try android again ! first could see getting this with a custom ROM/root. Very good battery life, maybe Chinese smartphones doing a great job as always!  can't flash it now but you could have instead of using KitKat firmware. Then this wouldn't have happened. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Android itself. It is a bootloader issue. 

latest update is awesome plus supposedly people are getting slightly better battery life. This battery pack is my new best friend.

on lollipop before custom rom, and then flashed kitkat via rsd lite, you maintained lollipop bootloader. After OTA update from Kitkat to lollipop results in a brick. The bug is from the 5.1 itself, it's not related with the motherboard. Try to reboot your phone while it's connected to a power supply, only happens while charging and when i press the power button more then 3 seconds.

Download a adb. If your able to press the power and volume key to get into fastboot, great. After that plug it into your PC and see if it registers the device, in the adb cmd type "adb devices". If it shows. 

You can find some more info on it. No solution however, besides a factory reset.  Custom Recovery with locked bootloader better to buy an unlocked phone.. 

If not, then try the device powered down, plugged in to your computer, then power on. While powering up type, "adb reboot bootloader" over and over. If nothing happens, call Motorola. If you are able to start the fastboot on your phone.