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New Oneplus 3 Reviews

Oneplus 3 is slim but it is a kind of slippery too and definitely needs a back cover,  it's like oneplus just made the vr only for the launch but nothing else... But look wise it's awesome, one plus company release the back covers so that we can protect the from slipping over and the metal back seems to get scratches, I am affraid,to put it directly on any rough surfaces, and the camera protrudes out, camera glass may get scratches..

I'm just excited for a 1080p AMOLED flagship in a metal body that's decently thin with usb c and a decent sized battery..

Just battery, could be any of the 10 things including RAM, battery, display, storage, control ICs and what not. Samsung has vast component product portfolio.  3000mah is still small for a 2016 flagship. I know that sd820 is more efficient and the screen is 1080p but I think it will be at par with nexus 6p that has a bigger battery but a less efficient cpu and a more power hungry screen. If that is the case, then battery life still won't be good enough. 

Qhd is just an overkill, just like having 6gb of RAM.. Qhd only purpose is to eat battery and slowdown everything.. no big difference in everyday use?? I feel COS is pretty stable and cool.. mind explaining why Microsoft apps are crappy apart from them being just named Microsoft.. have u experienced COS13? Or even CM13? 

New OnePlus 3 or wait till October for moto z or Nexus 6p or s7 or iPhone 6s plus. One plus 3 is better than mi5 for the price , s7 is great in every aspect but 48k  , Nexus 6p is going to be old due to snapdragon 810 and iPhone 6s plus is 58k for 16gb variant which is not worth. one plus 3 have 3100 polymer lion battery and fastest UI.  

I wonder if the OP3 has some enhanced nano coating in its ports to protect against water splashes. Nano coating (or some form of IP rating) should be made compulsory with all phones nowadays. more battery and see in VR... the screen in the phone is a super AMOLED made by Samsung with same technology as Samsung's best screens but with tweaks by Oneplus 2 VS new ZUK Z2 Pro on .. one really notices if a screen is full HD or QHD just by looking.. so stop being a retarded a believe what's every reviewer said that the screen is pretty good and uses way less battery.

So this is more of a default thingy in Snapdragon 820 and nothing with OnePlus. Tho Carl replied on Twitter that they haven't changed this thing because it results in better battery management. And this happens only with games, if you've seen the video keenly, you must've noticed that in second round, other apps like YouTube started at exactly the same point where they were stopped, including the time point of video 

 I'll charge my phone to 89% every day so the battery stats won't be cleaned, I'll show how I'm able to get 21 hours of SOT! No, 9 hrs is almost impossible without modifications to the system and the brightness at 0%... Please show the battery stats, because weirdly enough you can't believe what people are saying these days.

 I hope they will patch up this thing  quickly. In this case we need to blame Qualcomm too because their SOC's cost like hell and how can they design chips which ignores games being in memory, Processes in physical memory instead of having to page out. It might just be a small parameter in the virtual memory manager that allocates pages of memory and makes it part of the heap. 


Knowledge for xiaomi, letv and oneplus Chinese models

About the 2016 hot revives smartphones Knowledge for xiaomi, letv and oneplus Chinese models, but not much with the Chinese android phones models.   There are small gaskets that don't look like much that - once lost - cause an annoying echo to the person calling. This is a really good phone the new xiaomi mi5 and the latest letv phones. I've rarely had a problem with battery life. There were a few occasions on the MIUI ROM, where some runaway process killed the battery, but that hasn't happened in a long time, and definitely not since switching to the new miui ROM (MIUI 8 ).

Good build construction and software, It was tough to get a full day out of the battery even with moderate use.  The camera wasn't very good.   You are right the display is awesome and I'm always going to try and get a AMOLED display in the future.  Battery life, for me is not too bad.  I charge it the night before and I'm good for the entire day with moderate use.  Much better battery life with Marshmallow.

The original Huawei mate 7 as well.  Google have somehow agreed to not let Google voice function and keep their voice as our only option.  It did work for a few months at first when Google released and someone put on that.  Battery life isn't good but better than my old Nexus was And better since marshmallow.  

What a phone looks like if you have to protect with a case. I really hope they continue with various material options next the new phones. about the new oneplus 3 and new moto phones wait until the phone is released and you see it an person. Then you can make a sound judgment. the phone justice in terms of design and looks.

 I'm hoping the style mod has some extra battery too, and also hoping they have a mod with a monster battery too, Since you got oneplus 2 has been busy getting updates ready for other devices in their lineup... right up to recently pushing a security update to the oneplus 3. Keep in mind also they have been busy and also are busy getting their new devices ready and releasing them to public. 

About the new Letv 2 max 6GB RAM model the phone wait stock at Nextbuying, if you don't want then you have the option to not install them. It also keeps you on she stock ROM, running xposed on mine.. stayed as close to stock as possible. 


new android 6.0 system installed on phones

As much as I love the new android 6.0 system installed on oneplus 2 smartphones, about the oneplus 1 update to 6.0 system.. maybe wait cm system .. they really have skewed pretty far from where they were a few years ago. Their hardware is still some of the best, as is their software, but their after-purchase support has tanked. Now it is difficult to trust them. Unless and until they really start making promises and sticking to them with more transparency throughout the process, I doubt many will give them the time of day anymore.

The HTC 10 is actually really, really close to stock. Some icons swapped around and a few of their own default apps over Google's, but no more so than Moto. It really has come a long, long way. And, also like Moto, what they do add either makes Android genuinely better, or is out of the way so it can be easily ignored. 

It would've been better if they still made them customizable. I'd buy the one on the right if it could be black with red instead of all white. I gave it a try for just over a day, but i got a little frustrated for some of the apps I use daily that weren't where i needed them. I plan on trying it again and move some things differently, but I love the clean look, hence what attracted me. 

I think they will keep the new smartphones. They actually could do with sorting out the camera. I thought they had got it right on the xiaomi mi4c and 4s model or the meizu mx5 but it is still not that good. It was the best so far but still some way to go. oneplus 1 was the best one so far. A better version of the original cm12.1 system. Last year's was totally design by marketing research, this year seems to be going the same way. Samsung's front with LG's back, that's what I saw on the new oneplus x and oneplus 3 leak.

The back is still perfect, the metal frame has one tiny nick from a drop, and it has a tiny, almost invisible crack in each corner of the front glass from the same drop.  

I will wait the new xiaomi mi5 pro model 128GB and 4GB RAM on .. looking for that option as well because the vibration motor from the Nexus 6 sounds cheap or the Letv company new release the letv new 6GB max version smartphone ..