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Xiaomi mi5 and mi 5 pro pre-order interested

The xiaomi mi5 and mi 5 pro is available on Nextbuying website ( pre-order ), so they probably also keep the 2016 flagships in the store. Huawei mate 8 a terrible phone. It lacks power and speed compared to the Nexus 6. It has the most shittiest battery life that I have ever had with a phone, updates are not as quick as a Nexus device. I'd advice the Nexus 5X or just wait for the next generation Huawei Mate smartphones. 

Battery life was better for me on the Huawei Mate 7 compared to the Redmi note 3 prime. It has a better camera way better feel in the hand and I believe you can get a 32gb version on online store . I just placed my order for the black model the new xiaomi mi5 3GB RAM VERSION on  Was really torn, but apparently they ran out of stock on bamboo and it would have taken an extra couple weeks to get here. If anyone else is interested, the deal for the 3/64GB only 479.98 OR mi5 pro version $539 4/128GB version is still good till tonight and can be found .

My oneplus smartphone the 1 and 2 version 4GB RAM the bamboo back does look better and won't get fingerprints if that bothers you at all. The white will look more customized than the black one because of wood instead of silicone. Whichever you go with the phone will be amazing.

My old oneplus 2 smartphones , i want resell it .... have any prob resetting to factory, uninstalling apps, etc. That error would still come back. After months of triage I gave up and sent it in, but they said no go and i bought the Xiaomi smartphones. problem of CM12.1 firmware for oneplus one. It is the rule that every last version of Oneplus firmware is always buggy. 

I've been using LTE network but due to less data I switched back to edge network, Just that battery that needs to settle. If it's anything like a phone software upgrade, it just needs time to get back to normal. I will definitely reset if not after a few days. 


Update phone system from SD Card OTG

I would transfer everything off of your SD card to a computer as a back up. Then format the SD card with the phone. This should clear up any issues. Then once you can copy the data back over from the computer.  same problem . It might be due to the speed of the card when used as internal storage. I don't think speed is the entire factor.   Anyways, I am done with using SD as internal until further findings. 

 Moto X Pure seems to be very picky accepting Micro-SD as internal storage.  I have a new 64GB class 10 that works, Guess I stick with using it as external storage. 

Just had it fail again as an external SD card, but I was able to slowly move small amounts of data off the card to my computer. Now I'm sending in my card, but wondering if it was my phone. I probably won't mount as internal storage since it was impossible to get the data off the card.

Describing happens always, when your are charging the phone and you want to turn it on. My solution is to press the power button for more or less 3 seconds going to backstage. If the button is pressed more than that, the apps optimization bug appears. Pressing the button for 3 seconds and release it while charging, shows black screen for some seconds, but then loading animation will appear and will enter android with no issues.  only chance not to see optimization process — not to forget to charge a phone. 

But it happens only when i press power button more than 3 seconds while charging. I can avoid the issue while charging by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. just that battery that needs to settle. If it's anything like a phone software upgrade, it just needs time to get back to normal. I will definitely reset if not after a few days.   It solved mine after lollipop update! 

The Specs aren't relevant. But the comfort of the OTG Update MIUI or CM system, the open source support and the clean interface , Seems worth it if you are interested in flashing ROMs and don't want to buy a new phone.  I bought this with idea it would be updated, as that's the way it was with 2013 model. 

Display's biggest innovation isn't just displaying information without waking up the device/CPU, it is making that information actionable without waking the device. about bought new smartphone on Nextbuying ( xiaomi and huawei , meizu smartphone and more accessories )  you can get notifications from the website on chrome and the mobile website is very similar to the app


My new smartphones camera and system reviews

My new smartphones camera the focus was setting around the buildings and trees that's why the sky is bleached. but those who were indeed put in focus still got a markedly less saturated pic. that's kinda make sense. i don't own them simultaneously. pictures were indeed taken on separate days. i still got tons of less saturated pictures taken by sony camera in meizu mx5. maybe it's just the inadequacy of me handling camera. That being said,  I still love my oneplus 2, in the end it costs only half as much as xiaomi mi note. 

about CM12.1 system boot to safe mode and confirm normal battery performance then go back to normal mode and uninstall whatever apps are most suspicious, Changing the battery would not do squat! The problem is obvious, something is keeping your phone awake. Full charge, from 0% to 100% without turning on. It may need to reset the battery meter status. 

formatting as internal storage encrypts the card and makes it only readable by that device instance. By resetting the phone, you lost the encryption keys to the SD card and now the data is useless. The keys to decrypt it are stored in the phone settings. When you factory reset your phone you removed those keys are the same time. There is no way that I have ever heard of that will restore that data.

The 5.7" smartphone the xiaomi mi note pro 4GB ram amoled panels in the phone. the price on Nextbuying only $379 USD. Amoled makes the most sense if they are going to continue using their mi note pro feature. Better SoC, and a slightly more refined camera. The current sensor is good, but could use a little tweaking to polish it off. 8mp front facing camera. They also need to keep these speakers they are using in the MXPE. Absolutely love them.

Wait 6.0 MIUI System fully released before worrying about point releases, or install CM13 System with android 6.0 and they stated that Ambient Display was removed from 6.0, likely because it and xiaomi Display were interfering with each other in some way that they hadn't been in MIUI 7 android 5.2 Unless that interference is resolved, So custom ROM maker may be directly using the sensors..   CM 12.1 is as close as you get to stock. I use CM 12.1 nighlies, and I don't have random shutdowns. 

I'm not sure if it's still unlocked or if it can be unlocked again, but if I have to guess, this status should be better than unlocked because I'm sure it would allow you (or devs) to even do more with your phone than an unlocked status. I would try to root/flash custom roms and see if that works. If it does, then leave it as is because attempting to unlock it might revert it back from this engineering status and you might not be able to get back to this status again. If you can get in touch with a dev on xda as well that might be helpful to devs. 

 The stock internal file manager seems solid enough for my usage. Will continue to use it in the near future.  I haven't found a rro layer to full go back to a light theme. I'm guessing because the dark theme is built into the ROM. Its very fast and smooth.