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Some cheap china brand smartphone reviews

The new meizu m2 note smartphones maybe a low-end from the meizu note series, but it's a great device. Fast, and w/ a great screen. flyme 5 UI system base android 5.1 , there's no lag. A great investment at a low cast the Gorilla Glass and the beautiful black screen. 

They're always slow to implement features,hardware or services for their mobile platform. While the competition continues to forge ahead further making the hill even more steep for china brand smartphones. 

Well the best thing about your phone is that you can install more OS , CM and MIUI etc .. different ROMs and test them at once .. haha low battery warning to full. It solely depends on the quality off both your cable and power adapter. 

Could not disagree any more with this article. new smartphone app quality vs iOS app ? the Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, 9 gag, awful awful quality.  Android and ios apps look way better..

if u still wish to buy low end phone, then i would suggest buy phone with at least 8gb internal memory to get new android 5.1 system UI maybe xiaomi miui 7 or CM 12.1 

Updates are unlocked smartphones. Actually, carriers are the ones delaying the updates most of the time. Updates are released OTA by CM 12.1 and you get them once they are released. got the Cyan update before earlier than those who own locked phones. Unlocked phones usually get the updates smartphones .. 

Go with Nextbuying. They have the best after sales service.

Did you see the keynote. support pen with word. They need to focus there time on new smartphones the nexus 6 and moto x 2015 or the oneplus 2 smartphones all in china maker, the new xiaomi mi4c (Release Sept. 22 ) and xiaomi redmi note 2 ... I understand there is a huge market for android the new 5.1 with Play store.

First we should wait until nexus 6 for Huawei android 5.1 is released. Then, if Google has managed to get control of the upgrade process, you should get it within hours of release. If you will depend on online for upgrading, maybe OTA or flash rom 


New smartphone camera reviews

Love the new oneplus 2 smartphones device. waiting to new CM system for install it will do for the device.  uninstalls ask the updates and goes back to the original Google app.  Only issue for me, is wishing for just a little better battery life .  i'm pretty stoked to see how the black color. They're using a slightly different type of color in this years model so i'm wondering how that will turn out.

Because I want one number on all screens and the ability to have the best of both network line  the store they will give you a new nano SIM but beware, they might charge you for it. I think it depends on the staff member new sim card number in the system and your Micro sim will not be good anymore. 

Location is on probably high accuracy with GPS being used.  got 5.1 updates pretty fast last time. Anyhow, update wise might be sucks. 

about new samsung galaxy series just one point behind the s6 ie negligible. With stills the difference is 5 points. there was good lighting. Just low light needs work all in all a great phone no longer plagued by a bad camera .   I don't know that it matters as long as it takes bad ass photos. Hopefully the average person will have the same experience with this camera. 

The Google Camera app has selective focus for post photo taking focusing. It's a trick, not true manual focus prior to taking a picture, Performance is excellent, and that's coming from both of us. one of oneplus other samsung galaxy s6. 

about new oneplus 2 the color only black and 64GB ver . no 16GB ver. with the black back will be in stores or be available to be shipped to u from amazon or Nextbuying if that's what you wanted. The demand was quite high for them guess they didn't expect that model to be so popular. 

About new xiaomi device redmi note 2 and redmi note 2 prime 32GB ver. it has the same camera as the Style but not as good of a processor but it's close to the same quality only 2.0 and 2.2 GHz .. all dual sim SD card .. but the one plus 2 is much harder to get and if you don't want to wait you'll end up paying more anyway. Compared to the one plus 2 the play will have a better camera and I believe the display might be better as well. It will have NFC and Fast charging and longer battery life.  

Also no one really talks shit about the new smartphone 2016 other than oneplus fans cuz they're threatened and Samsung user but they hate on everything that isn't Samsung ??  anyway i think oneplus 2 is a great phones .. 



I fear because all good phone is over 5" or 5.5" ??

Unlocked version smartphone at Nextbuying to activate on the carrier of your choice. Better to just buy through Xiaomi & Lenovo and add shipping cost for singpost $2.98 for the new xiaomi redmi note 2 smartphones. 

I have mine since this November so its not old but I fear because all good phone is over 5" ?? i like 5.5" screen smartphones and I want maintain one hand use , about going from 4.7 inch to 5.2 but I've adjusted. Now wondering if I can adjust to 5.7? those xiaomi redmi note 2 features from lenovo k3 note. or the 5.7" xiaomi mi note and mi note pro.  and given that the style has a slightly larger screen 5.5 over 5.7. 

My wife trying to decide if I should just stick with apple or try android again ! first could see getting this with a custom ROM/root. Very good battery life, maybe Chinese smartphones doing a great job as always!  can't flash it now but you could have instead of using KitKat firmware. Then this wouldn't have happened. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Android itself. It is a bootloader issue. 

latest update is awesome plus supposedly people are getting slightly better battery life. This battery pack is my new best friend.

on lollipop before custom rom, and then flashed kitkat via rsd lite, you maintained lollipop bootloader. After OTA update from Kitkat to lollipop results in a brick. The bug is from the 5.1 itself, it's not related with the motherboard. Try to reboot your phone while it's connected to a power supply, only happens while charging and when i press the power button more then 3 seconds.

Download a adb. If your able to press the power and volume key to get into fastboot, great. After that plug it into your PC and see if it registers the device, in the adb cmd type "adb devices". If it shows. 

You can find some more info on it. No solution however, besides a factory reset.  Custom Recovery with locked bootloader better to buy an unlocked phone.. 

If not, then try the device powered down, plugged in to your computer, then power on. While powering up type, "adb reboot bootloader" over and over. If nothing happens, call Motorola. If you are able to start the fastboot on your phone.