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Think it's a great phone its so much better in everything except battery

Think it's a great phone its so much better in everything except battery but it can still do a decent job for a much bigger, higher resolution screen and smaller battery although I do miss the AMOLED screen and I would've paid extra for a finger print sensor. I had a lot of dropped calls at first which was really annoying but I don't think it's the phones fault I think it's new xiaomi mi4c or the meizu new note so they didn't really have it in their system , i like two system miui and flyme . 

On battery saver option turn WiFi scanning off also not having a strong signal can drain battery quite severely, into new smartphones the xiaomi redmi note 2 and mi4c battery usage stats and look what colour your signal strength is if alot is red that is your problem at work because my signal is poor in the factory I work searching for network and location kills your battery quite fast.. 

This week Meizu new 5.7-inch the meizu pro 5 smartphones maybe a good choose have 4GB RAM 32/64GB ROM 5-inch Full-HD screen vs Xiaomi Mi Note Pro ?? the price on USD $549

Many battery saver apps do their work by turning off background sync. Re-install the app if you have deleted it and make sure it is not set to disable sync. Then you can delete again.

Capacitive keys for dual front facing speakers. I just started using my Oneplus 2. This is a great phone, the first thing I noticed was how nice the LG G3 is to hold in the hand. features added on top of it. But the camera is so much better on the iPhone (I did some tests) and the fingerprint scanner is neat.

 I have been looking for a video comparison and or camera samples I wish all phone makers would start implementing that. 


Xiaomi mi4c 3gb or cm12 system smartphones

Just did 22 hrs off charger, with 2hrs 35m SOT and 29% left and it's one of my best off charger results , charge on the power charger and clean my cache partition, an average of 4 h sot is enough to last a whole workday for me. 

Battery life on Cm 12.1 nightlies is poor. So I'd recommend downloading CM snapshot if available and not the nights They all are great. I got for one can use either but currently use neither. could try CM 13.1 ...i think its in beta stage right now...a full working and stable version is not so far away ,  something related to 13.0 or 13.1 cm that cm has started working on it.

New smartphones the camera doesn't turn on. The solution is a restart. I hope 5.1.1 fix some of this issues. have few bugs but hope all minor one to fix. want to get rid of cell standby but I know of its not possible, I'm gonna stick with my oneplus 2 and new xiaomi mi4c 3gb version on until the next great thing . 

About oneplus 2 I'm loving my handset, battery life is quality, also getting to grips with the camera to To be honest I am thinking of buy a xiaomi mi4c 3gb or xiaomi redmi note 2 32gb and wait for xiaomi mi5 model. Hopefully Motorola will release a miui 7 xiaomi note pro and Other with big screens like xiaomi or huawei did with new nexus this year. 

Has good battery life and it does. The majority of people say this phone has barely any compromises. about xiaomi mi4c have 3000 mAh only 5-inch screen. 

Specifications Xiaomi Mi4c

  • Android OSMIUI 7
  • ArchitectureSnapdragon 808 hexa-core
  • GPUAdreno 418
  • Service ProvideUnlocked
  • Internal Storage32  GB 
  • Screen Size5 inch
  • Touch Screen5-inches FHD IPS screen 
  • Screen Resolution1920 x 1080  pixels FHD screen 
  • Gravity Sensor Yes
  • Camerafront camera 5MP back camera 13.0MP
  • FM RadioYes, earphone needed
  • IR Remote Control Yes
  • Fast chargeYES ver 2.0
  • BluetoothYES built in BT4.1 +BT HID



translucency of iOS but marshmallow smartphones

 I think looks overall much better, I do like the translucency of iOS but marshmallow just seems so much more exciting and beautiful. Material design is really great ..  One of the best things about Android is that I don't have to. Vanilla Android is meh. Once it is customized, though their is no comparison. it's nice to see it over the whole screen. I also wish Android had a dark theme. Lock screen is a tie for me.

iOS is nice we can't deny, but then one begins to bore. Android so you can customize to your liking anytime even put ios interface, about the smartphone and new cover cases Picked up one of those cases the other week. Really pleased with it. Doesn't increase thickness or weight that much and still shows off your chosen design.

Prefer the black front to the white but I'm not digging the black back. Looks quite normal. I've always had a black phone and yep, it sure is sleeker than the white but the Gray metal isn't cool for me.  I've had a Chinese smartphone  the xiaomi mi4 for the past two years, it's get from online smartphone store Nextbuying's shipping to Spain DHL 5 work day.. so I'm enjoying my xiaomi mi4 3gb ram 4g lte networks as its a nice change of pace for me personally.

I will believe there is still hope that those phones get updated when a story like this has a better source than this. trusted sites have written the opposite