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Budget Phone with large batteries

Budget phone with large batteries are extremely appealing. Also, because they aren't flagships Samsung doesn't have to load them with top tier features allowing room for a bigger battery. mid-range Moto devices are supported for only 1 year and it can take months to receive security patches.  However, the majority of Android OEMs are terrible for updates.  Only Google,  Essential, and Blackberry provide decent support.

 Pixel XL had such serious overheating issues that Pixel support had a prepared list of reasons an entire page long of what could make the phone overheat and shut down without being considered defective by Google, samsung galaxy phone since the s8 and galaxy s9 / s9+ and have never had a broken screen, it depends on how you use and take care of your phone,why pay all that money for it if your not going to be careful with it in the first place.

I also get the 2XL a week ago. It's also an awesome device. The display works good for me an I think the speakers are better then the speakers on the small one. The are much louder and the sound is fuller. But overall, it's not the same usability as on the small one.

What did you have in mind? I really liked the Mix 2S, but not enough to buy it - especially after the relatively recent purchase of S9 +. But I took home one of the slippers with USB ports, the mi mix 2s is a lot of stuff, aesthetically very nice, but at the moment I'm fine with my s8 and I'm not going to change, but in the future Xiaomi will be my reference brand together with Oneplus. 

in the case of the Pixel XL wait 6 months instead of 3 and the price of the device will be cut in half. Or in the case of any OnePlus 6 or End of year new 6T model smartphone released in network service company or get it online store, support shipping oneplus no sale zone such as Australia, Norway, new Zealand etc.. or wait 6 months instead for the new version to be released in Fall.

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