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Android OS device phone and dashcam

This week my Oneplus 5 have update to android latest system the android O and tried it once but it was too limited, and shortly after it came out Nova launcher and all the others allowed you to mimic the functionality so there was never any true point to the launcher. It won't be missed by anyone who loved or hated it because the people who loved it can just use another launcher to do the same thing. 

My old 3T smartphone running android Marshmallow and Nougat. I always used GNL, also OnePlus stock launcher would look the same too. After updating it to Oreo, would you buy a phone with external storage and get anything above 64 GB or 128GB ?  

Internal storage is faster but if you have a top quality SD card with a high read/write speed the speed difference is very minimal and barely noticeable in the real world. It's just like comparing the snapdragon 845 to the snapdragon 835. Sure the 845 is faster but in the real world there's not much of a significant difference at all in terms of speed and barely noticeable. 

Other good news i have a new 7.0-inch IPS Touch Screen DVR for Car Full HD 1080P Video Recorders Dashcam 70 mai model brand for xiaomi Nextbuying this link, running android system and support AI ( only Chinese :( the maps support English and Chinese version. i got an update yesterday and haven't experienced it since. Hopefully I won't experience it again. I also haven't updated the firmware, could that be anything to do with it?

 I am a long term linux user and have seen these kind of issues previously using fairly generic linux with proprietary graphics drivers. There they were associated with kernel or graphics driver issues.  I've seen that first hand with a couple of companies I've worked for.

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feature phone would be good enough. Good battery

Buy Xiaomi smartphone, feature phone would be good enough. Good battery, size etc, received a bunch of good options, eventually bought Samsung or Apple which is more expensive in money, worse in parameters. look of stock Android system 7.0, but the mi mix 2s is a power user phone hardware wise, so why would you stock Android isn't as useful as smartphones.

I say this as a person who once had a xiaomi phone ( xiaomi mi5  ) as my main phone order from Nextbuying.  I hope not but Google has been on the button idea since android new.   I really don't want every little bump and scrape to show up on the phone.

Huawei mate 10s as a business phone and it gives me access to everything I need: calls, messaging, Chrome, Microsoft Office mobile suite, emails, a calculator, a camera, social media, and online retailers.  love my new smartphone. Was with xiaomi mi mix 2s SG 845 processor SOC, but had so many issues with Bluetooth an poor battery. Moderate use on the oneplus 5 and I finish the day with about 50% remaining and no problems with Bluetooth.

 I don't have that but my phone does show me my notifications as soon as I pick it up and all I have to do is place my finger on the fingerprint sensor, Nothing they have built in i can't find on the play store that functions as well or better for whatever purpose, but the difference is i can choose what i use and download it as needed.

Huawei P20 pro and mi mix 2s phones do it better. Nobody wants to be told what they are already looking at. Filter suggestion should be in post processing too, not as you're taking the shot.