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New 2017 smartphone market reviews

I don't know why this is happening to Moto devices which are known for their fast updates. MOTO Z DROID and MOTO Z Force DROID got Nougat in December the android o. they're starting the developer previews​ for Android​ O.
That was because they only had 6-10 devices to update.  

 My Wife have a moto z smartphones,  always loved the force for that very feature ( i have switch use it 1 -2 week ). Only to find out how ridiculously easy the screen scratches. Got mine Saturday and by Monday I saw some fine scratches across the screen. I never put my keys or change in my phone pocket yet just from casual daily use it has scratches. So far I'm loving every other thing about my Moto Z.

Brightness and its bright enough to hurt your eyes at night. I did read somewhere that depending, old oneplus 3 smartphone i have use it 1 year .. but the screen have some Color filter works well to prevent this. But I recently got the display replaced from the service centre. now, for $60.00 so when it is offered for sale in the summer, I'll get one of the first ones maybe a moto or oneplus 3t the new 6gb 128gb models. 

About new 2017 the smartphone market the first LG G6 and xiaomi mi6 ( 830 processoe ) coming soon .. other samsung s8 smartphones . Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship stars in new leaked video and low-res images, with this bezel size it's not even necessary. You won't believe how small the device is overall. It's incredible. with 5.2 inches it would be perfect for one hand use, they could make a compact version also.

LG G6 SD 835 SoC, Super AMOLED display, no region-specific features, better ergonomics on back, ditch the LG-style power-button/fingerprint-sensor hybrid, software closer to Stock Android, and standard 16:9 aspect ratio. I'm a little disappointed that the LG G6 don't have an Hi-Fi DAC . Look how the LG V20 enhance the sound of these already dope earphones. 

Any plans to release the LG Watch Sport in the UK? If not, would it be possible to buy one from the US and use it here with full LTE functionality? 

About new xiaomi mi6 smartphones still wait xiaomi official new info and Nextbuying sale stock the SPEC feature Qualcomm 830 SOC. 4K Display, Retina Eye Scanner, Stunning Looks, A Real Flagship Killer Xiaomi’s next battleship cell phone Xiaomi Mi6 is predictable to be unconstrained in the 1st neighborhood week of 2017.

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