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Update the smartphone to android 6.0.1

Update and it's still not on 6.0.1. the HTC smartphones will never be a choice for my next phone.  A buggy version of Android 6.0 for six months with no sign of 6.0.1. My wife had a new oneplus 2 until Marshmallow was rolled out for it and made the phone so laggy it's pretty much unusable, she has not long replaced it with a Huawei Nexus and that is a very good phone, don't have to worry although it's high time for us to upgrade device.. 

I commented on Android 6.0 gives me an error saying SD card can not be read in this medium but Android 4.4 gives me the option of formatting

 I recommend it! the oneplus 3 and zuk z2 pro works excellent looks very nice .. the front of the phone almost looks like an iPhone 6+ but little smaller and thinner ,  I keep hearing good things about the Moto Z. I'm thinking maybe in the future getting one but definitely Moto/Lenovo are creating some very fine devices.  

Would have to allow moto full control of updates. As it is now the carriers especially Verizon won't allow updates unless they pass their carrier labs / testing process. the Samsung s7 edge. Would have been tempted by moto but everyone does mention the slow, like this new moto z i plan to wate and see how it goes over first. Then I may have a good look at getting one for my self! 

The android version marshmallow and higher has features similar to new android system assist and Moto alert built in. recently purchased Xiaomi mi5. Before this i own Xiaomi mi5 and oneplus 3.  about the OP3 new update to latest system, the focusing issues and also adding 1080p 60fps recording and manual video control. That way it can own the 'perfect match' for videographers.  

Would the new OnePlus 3 get from ( try the 5.5" category find it or going home page going Paying page, also get a free gift the soft cases and Tempered glass film, or even the older OnePlus 2 keep up if locked in a car in cold weather? Also, what would be the same outcome if the conditions are extremely warm, in environments ? 

About new update system Option that the problem is not with your smartphone, and the router - you need to check for any other point vayf (if it will work, then Change the router),  find a theme dedicated to your device and read there how to change the modem (You can experiment with various modems from various regional firmware). 

The HTC smartphones don't know why either.  It's been happening to me for at every update. From the onset. No one seems to be able to help me out in the forums. Seems to be the same issue on CyanogenMod Mm ROMs.  just coming up with the team win screen and flickers about every 10 seconds as if it is going to do something but doesn't.  I can not access the phone though and Odin was not even recognising the phone.



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