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fast charger smartphone under $200

About new smartphone oneplus 3 and Lenovo ZUK Z2 and pro version likely because you need root to change boot animations, and droid devices have locked bootloaders per Verizon. unlocked via developer use of an exploit. we would need the same thing to happen for the oneplus 3. apparently, though, if I don't have access to the photos in one app. 

About new Moto smartphone the moto z phone is just plain ugly. That camera bump exists for the mods that I will never buy and looks fugly. Don't get me started on the fingerprint scanner and huge chin. Then I may have a good look at getting one for my self :) .. 

The better performance would rather come from the dual bandwidth memory the Oneplus 2 packs vs single in the new Xiaomi mi note smartphones and Meizu new mx6, and the small upgrade to the GPU. Otherwise it's pretty  much the same CPU performance wise.  difference in processed barely noticiple and for screen they the same and battery play is bigger I have play and very pleased with it .

Redmi note 3 it have a better processor and is much cheaper. Pretty sure the regular Oneplus 2 doesn't support fast charging at all so an Nextbuying ( phone under $200) new fast charger won't make a difference. I'd say it's worth it for fast charging and the fingerprint scanner. Once you have those thing you can't go back. 

 I am not in the least sorry that I didn't get the new zuk z2 smartphones. When you consider that I sold my ZUK z1 on eBay for $110, I got the Oneplus for a total of $398. Now that is a lot of phone for the money! smartphone in the world! this is still the new Tornado 348 at 5.1mm and at $219 a bargain I think .. 



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