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carry their phone in their pocket 5inch to 5.5inch

About Oneplus 3 fast charge device will the dash charge car charger be available for purchase in France? Great phone by the way, love it! buy the Oneplus 3 or Lenovo zuk z2 pro Same processor, cheaper, and a better camera. Plus a fingerprint sensor as well. 

About my old samsung galaxy phones don't know why either.  underestimate kitkat,it is way more stable than newer android although it is lacking material design.It is the best OS for galaxy note smartphones period just coming up with the team win screen and flickers about every 10 seconds as if it is going to do something but doesn't.  I can not access the phone though and Odin was not even recognising the phone. It's been happening to me for at every update.  Seems to be the same issue on CyanogenMod Mm ROMs.  cyanide roms have always been awesome and great performance but will chew a battery a little. 

Remove the battery, press volume up + home button + power combo and try if you can boot into recovery mode, I cannot do anything on my phone. Do you mean TWRP on the PC?  Put the battery back in.  Press and hold volume down, the power button and the Home button.   Then see if your phone will go into download mode.  

The screens got over 5.2 inches. bigger than that is just way too big a phone for me. 5.2 inch is where I draw the line on size. Can't wait to see what htc 10 brings to the next Chinese xiaomi or meizu smartphone in a 5-inch on the link, 5 - 5.2 - 5.5 inch! They are making a phone for people who wants to carry their phone in their pocket and be able to sit down with it. Also 1080 p on a small screen would be very sharp. I think the soc is fine as no one would want to use such small device for proper gaming.

Unlock a Smartphone while holding it with one hand? i have iPhone 6 and Oneplus 2, I would really love to know. Wouldn't you waste more time in getting the thumb at the right place compared to having the sensor at the back? to change my hold on the phone to unlock, I definitely need more than 0.2 seconds. Front sensor makes a lot of sense if your phone is lying on the table. But when you are on the move, rear sensor is just more accessible and hence faster to use on your phone.

One that makes phones, other official accessories division as cases, power bank and charge, earphones etc... The new company can use the brand and product names in any way they want and the xiaomi, oneplus and huawei, more new gadgets ( router, tv boxs and mi bands etc.. )  that makes phones won't be related to them or have a say in any decision. But as you can see they are making many Pulse devices and there will probably be many bluetooth ones coming soon. 

I think it's just showing that it's connected. Theoretically, I don't think it's even needed because it's supposed to disconnect from the VPN as soon as you wake the phone. So, I don't really see the need have it there. I had ordered a replacement glass screen protector a day before so it didn't have that on when it hit. Don't know if that was have saved it's life.

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