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new android 6.0 system installed on phones

As much as I love the new android 6.0 system installed on oneplus 2 smartphones, about the oneplus 1 update to 6.0 system.. maybe wait cm system .. they really have skewed pretty far from where they were a few years ago. Their hardware is still some of the best, as is their software, but their after-purchase support has tanked. Now it is difficult to trust them. Unless and until they really start making promises and sticking to them with more transparency throughout the process, I doubt many will give them the time of day anymore.

The HTC 10 is actually really, really close to stock. Some icons swapped around and a few of their own default apps over Google's, but no more so than Moto. It really has come a long, long way. And, also like Moto, what they do add either makes Android genuinely better, or is out of the way so it can be easily ignored. 

It would've been better if they still made them customizable. I'd buy the one on the right if it could be black with red instead of all white. I gave it a try for just over a day, but i got a little frustrated for some of the apps I use daily that weren't where i needed them. I plan on trying it again and move some things differently, but I love the clean look, hence what attracted me. 

I think they will keep the new smartphones. They actually could do with sorting out the camera. I thought they had got it right on the xiaomi mi4c and 4s model or the meizu mx5 but it is still not that good. It was the best so far but still some way to go. oneplus 1 was the best one so far. A better version of the original cm12.1 system. Last year's was totally design by marketing research, this year seems to be going the same way. Samsung's front with LG's back, that's what I saw on the new oneplus x and oneplus 3 leak.

The back is still perfect, the metal frame has one tiny nick from a drop, and it has a tiny, almost invisible crack in each corner of the front glass from the same drop.  

I will wait the new xiaomi mi5 pro model 128GB and 4GB RAM on .. looking for that option as well because the vibration motor from the Nexus 6 sounds cheap or the Letv company new release the letv new 6GB max version smartphone .. 

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