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I wait next smartphone spec 4gb of ram, 5 or 5.2 or 5.5 screen.

I wait next smartphone spec hope 1080p amoled screen, 4gb of ram, 5 or 5.2 or 5.5 screen, same metal frame plus soft back, fingerprints in the M dimple.  Qualcomm's finest products. 820 runs hot too, just not as hot as 810.  I would pick another new Qualcomm's SoC which runs not hot.

my new smartphone heat is very bad for the batteries, but leaving them at very low voltages isn't very good either. I always charge oneplus 2 when it reaches a minimum 3.5v. My phone has 21 months old, and i don't see any visible battery degradation. I don't charge to 100% either. Usually at 90% max with a rest voltage of 4.15 to 4.20 max. Once in a month i deplete the battery to 0% and let it die, and charge it to 100% in off state to calibrate the battery.

The phone still work. Just can't see anything you're doing. Luckily I had my old phone lying around.  the battery percentage is below 40% the screen crashes just lik ur phone did in the above image and also gives out a loud irritating sound, I checked online for solutions and figured out that hapeens due to some 'hardware failure,  dont know in which part of the tablet it happens, thats the nexus 6x, I dont know wether its the same case for your phone.

Know they usually announce later in the year, I was just looking for some hope. I don't want to just settle for an X force. Shatter proof screen is nice and all, but phones now have dual lenses. LG just released a modular phone.

Have you tried power cycling the device? Some wave interference can be corrected by turning the device off to restart the chip and drivers. because every major upgrade of Android brings a new bootloader version and a new partition table... so, if you try to downgrade to the previous version of stock firmware, since bootloader can't be downgraded, there will be a mismatch, And if you catch an OTA update you'll hard brick for sure!!!

Stock Android 5.1 ROM you can even flash a custom cm 12.1 or cm 13 system OS, without any issue and preserving all the features!!! The only thing you can't do is restoring the new android ROM.  I was on Lollipop stock and restored the phone to Kitkat stock. Today I installed cm13 and, when I touched reboot system, my phones doesn't start the system, just shows the cm13's icon for 40 minutes. 

Unlocking the device in developer settings and then type on Minimal ADB and fastboot "fastboot oem unlock". That's it. 

This week hot reviews xiaomi new model redmi note 3 pro Qualcomm chip processor 650 series and redmi 3 pro 3GB RAM add sensor chip ... all the phone in stock at Nextbuying and the xiaomi Channel . 

if I theme framework the moto display screen graphics get messed up. Is this a known issue?  Basically instead of it being all black, half of the screen is a dark gray and there is a grey square behind the unlocking circle.  

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