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New xiaomi smartphone mi5 was foolish not to launch it at MWC

New xiaomi smartphone mi5 was foolish not to launch it at MWC. The Mi 5 pro built in 4gb ram 128GB rom on the phones, has been out for weeks, and the mi5 will be in another few days assuming people want it ? The camera is really quite good. I guess I haven't compared it to other flagships but I am rarely disappointed by my shots. It has a fantastic auto HDR feature which makes taking a great photo really easy. 

Support for camera with 5.0. Now they remove the ambient mode. Slowly they r failing upto the almost stock android os part too more xiaomi smartphone see! Ambient Display has been removed from devices with FHD Display, and users previously on Ambient Display have been migrated .

different but the factory images are compatible with each other. In other words, you can flash an XT1053 image on an XT1058 and vice versa. The only difference between the 2 are the LTE bands that are supported. Do you want to flash a stock rom on your xt1053 or a custom rom? 

I may just keep it stock.  I've always liked the moto experience.  I did here good things about the CM13.0 rom though so I'm sure curiosity will eventually get me.  Not ready to void the warranty though.  new one if it can be traced back to unlocking the bootloader and installing unofficial software.

Xposed and a Nexus 5 with a custom ROM. To me there's not much of a difference between what custom ROMs like CM13 provide and what you can do with Xposed.  rooting doesn't void the hardware warranty, unlocking the bootloader does and ONLY IF it's not a hardware defect. If it bothers you, just have him root it. 

What does matter in a xiaomi miui rom phone is update policy, great functional and ergonomic hardware, display, voice and apps, and pure android experience.


Xiaomi mi5 and mi 5 pro pre-order interested

The xiaomi mi5 and mi 5 pro is available on Nextbuying website ( pre-order ), so they probably also keep the 2016 flagships in the store. Huawei mate 8 a terrible phone. It lacks power and speed compared to the Nexus 6. It has the most shittiest battery life that I have ever had with a phone, updates are not as quick as a Nexus device. I'd advice the Nexus 5X or just wait for the next generation Huawei Mate smartphones. 

Battery life was better for me on the Huawei Mate 7 compared to the Redmi note 3 prime. It has a better camera way better feel in the hand and I believe you can get a 32gb version on online store . I just placed my order for the black model the new xiaomi mi5 3GB RAM VERSION on  Was really torn, but apparently they ran out of stock on bamboo and it would have taken an extra couple weeks to get here. If anyone else is interested, the deal for the 3/64GB only 479.98 OR mi5 pro version $539 4/128GB version is still good till tonight and can be found .

My oneplus smartphone the 1 and 2 version 4GB RAM the bamboo back does look better and won't get fingerprints if that bothers you at all. The white will look more customized than the black one because of wood instead of silicone. Whichever you go with the phone will be amazing.

My old oneplus 2 smartphones , i want resell it .... have any prob resetting to factory, uninstalling apps, etc. That error would still come back. After months of triage I gave up and sent it in, but they said no go and i bought the Xiaomi smartphones. problem of CM12.1 firmware for oneplus one. It is the rule that every last version of Oneplus firmware is always buggy. 

I've been using LTE network but due to less data I switched back to edge network, Just that battery that needs to settle. If it's anything like a phone software upgrade, it just needs time to get back to normal. I will definitely reset if not after a few days.