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Update phone system from SD Card OTG

I would transfer everything off of your SD card to a computer as a back up. Then format the SD card with the phone. This should clear up any issues. Then once you can copy the data back over from the computer.  same problem . It might be due to the speed of the card when used as internal storage. I don't think speed is the entire factor.   Anyways, I am done with using SD as internal until further findings. 

 Moto X Pure seems to be very picky accepting Micro-SD as internal storage.  I have a new 64GB class 10 that works, Guess I stick with using it as external storage. 

Just had it fail again as an external SD card, but I was able to slowly move small amounts of data off the card to my computer. Now I'm sending in my card, but wondering if it was my phone. I probably won't mount as internal storage since it was impossible to get the data off the card.

Describing happens always, when your are charging the phone and you want to turn it on. My solution is to press the power button for more or less 3 seconds going to backstage. If the button is pressed more than that, the apps optimization bug appears. Pressing the button for 3 seconds and release it while charging, shows black screen for some seconds, but then loading animation will appear and will enter android with no issues.  only chance not to see optimization process — not to forget to charge a phone. 

But it happens only when i press power button more than 3 seconds while charging. I can avoid the issue while charging by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. just that battery that needs to settle. If it's anything like a phone software upgrade, it just needs time to get back to normal. I will definitely reset if not after a few days.   It solved mine after lollipop update! 

The Specs aren't relevant. But the comfort of the OTG Update MIUI or CM system, the open source support and the clean interface , Seems worth it if you are interested in flashing ROMs and don't want to buy a new phone.  I bought this with idea it would be updated, as that's the way it was with 2013 model. 

Display's biggest innovation isn't just displaying information without waking up the device/CPU, it is making that information actionable without waking the device. about bought new smartphone on Nextbuying ( xiaomi and huawei , meizu smartphone and more accessories )  you can get notifications from the website on chrome and the mobile website is very similar to the app


xiaomi mi5 Qualcomm snapdragon 820

Looks like support was added this month get a new smartphones. I haven't tried it yet myself. for the heads up. I had it to do over again, I'd do the same. I bought this with idea it would be updated, as that's the way it was with new model xiaomi mi5 or new huawei mate 8.

You can change the style of the clock displayed, but on the xiaomi mi5 it is just a clock/calendar and battery , The mi5 cutting-edge mobile processors ever created, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor with X12 LTE supports gives you notification icons too, but they aren't actionable in any way. You still have to turn the screen on to see the contents of a notification and interact with it. So, it is an improvement sure on the xiaomi mi5.

Also i love the AMOLED display. I have never had a display that was so easy to see in direct sunlight. xiaomi with nailing the display on the mi5,  5" flagship.  just asked if people would like to see a 5" variant of the flagship... a 5" to 5.1" similar to xiaomi mi5 or mi note pro ( xiaomi company have update new price on mi note on Nextbuying only $260 USD ) and a 5.6" to 5.7" like moto x 2015..both with large batteries and bring back AMOLED display.

Now I'm wiping cache. I never had a problems with batteries on phones. When this mi4c and mi5 was new it last for 2-3 days. You've already stated you flashed android 6.0 which would entail you started fresh, and it's still doing this so that leads to saying it's either a horrible app, or the battery is just weak now.

From 20% overnight when I did this. Amoled screen and an 820 chip. I'm definitely waiting for it. Not impressed with LG or samsung,  QHD amoled display and a battery over 3500 mAh.  And hope Huawei or xiaomi fudge up the almost stock ui or change the build too much.

About battery charge on my smartphone ( installed cm 12 and cm13 system ) the same problem after flashing cm13. Currently I'm on Cm12 snapshot and the problem still affects it. tried battery calibers but no luck , around 95% of the battery is sucked.

When a device is capable of being upgraded but Verizon can make more money with new device sales, they will drop the update ball. Let's see how high the bounce back is, have my phones the oneplus 2 as my backup phone and a Xiaomi mi5 as my daily driver but this is pretty darn weak. It wasn't a mention of anyone going anywhere. If you recall any video of people throwing a ball against a wall, the results could be humorous.

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