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Think it's a great phone its so much better in everything except battery

Think it's a great phone its so much better in everything except battery but it can still do a decent job for a much bigger, higher resolution screen and smaller battery although I do miss the AMOLED screen and I would've paid extra for a finger print sensor. I had a lot of dropped calls at first which was really annoying but I don't think it's the phones fault I think it's new xiaomi mi4c or the meizu new note so they didn't really have it in their system , i like two system miui and flyme . 

On battery saver option turn WiFi scanning off also not having a strong signal can drain battery quite severely, into new smartphones the xiaomi redmi note 2 and mi4c battery usage stats and look what colour your signal strength is if alot is red that is your problem at work because my signal is poor in the factory I work searching for network and location kills your battery quite fast.. 

This week Meizu new 5.7-inch the meizu pro 5 smartphones maybe a good choose have 4GB RAM 32/64GB ROM 5-inch Full-HD screen vs Xiaomi Mi Note Pro ?? the price on USD $549

Many battery saver apps do their work by turning off background sync. Re-install the app if you have deleted it and make sure it is not set to disable sync. Then you can delete again.

Capacitive keys for dual front facing speakers. I just started using my Oneplus 2. This is a great phone, the first thing I noticed was how nice the LG G3 is to hold in the hand. features added on top of it. But the camera is so much better on the iPhone (I did some tests) and the fingerprint scanner is neat.

 I have been looking for a video comparison and or camera samples I wish all phone makers would start implementing that. 

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