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translucency of iOS but marshmallow smartphones

 I think looks overall much better, I do like the translucency of iOS but marshmallow just seems so much more exciting and beautiful. Material design is really great ..  One of the best things about Android is that I don't have to. Vanilla Android is meh. Once it is customized, though their is no comparison. it's nice to see it over the whole screen. I also wish Android had a dark theme. Lock screen is a tie for me.

iOS is nice we can't deny, but then one begins to bore. Android so you can customize to your liking anytime even put ios interface, about the smartphone and new cover cases Picked up one of those cases the other week. Really pleased with it. Doesn't increase thickness or weight that much and still shows off your chosen design.

Prefer the black front to the white but I'm not digging the black back. Looks quite normal. I've always had a black phone and yep, it sure is sleeker than the white but the Gray metal isn't cool for me.  I've had a Chinese smartphone  the xiaomi mi4 for the past two years, it's get from online smartphone store Nextbuying's shipping to Spain DHL 5 work day.. so I'm enjoying my xiaomi mi4 3gb ram 4g lte networks as its a nice change of pace for me personally.

I will believe there is still hope that those phones get updated when a story like this has a better source than this. trusted sites have written the opposite 

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