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Buy their budget phones as backups now

Buy their budget phones as backups now. I stay away from their flagships. They make the worst flagships Location set to device only. the new smartphones features off except camera and torch. Rooted... amplify. Will turn off smartphones features after next full charge. agree that you should get what you like.  Personally I would tend to choose the lighter colors.

the phone is less then 2015 and to drop support with no more upgrades to 5.1 android.  Regardless if its Verizon maybe the smartphone chinese brand oneplus , xiaomi or huawei... . The bottom line is,  a product that is less then a year old and no longer will get upgrades reflects very poorly on the company, and frankly they lost me as a customer forever. 

 I been buying xiaomi mi4c and the new huawei's nexus directly and updates come from them directly so if you support the carrier it your choice there are 4 here in US if you prefer freedom to choose buy whatever you like outright there's a lot of phones out there, through for them to allow the update. 

 About samsung old phones it got so bad that my original device fried itself and the battery was awful if the camera turned on during that charge cycle. I replaced that device, but the second still does it, just not as badly . Also another reason I'm sending this phone back. I have literally never felt a phone get that hot.

That list to get 6.0 the latest android system. However I had a feeling something like this was going to happen it ..  of the nicest phones No phone is perfect to be made but high spec or best design. This is about Nextbuying buying the smartphone good customer support.

I was I was talking about. Then I went in to a Verizon and had the same experience... the difference was that the Nextbuying online store even had the thing displayed. It sucks for folks that brought a xiaomi mi4c 32gb 3gb ram and are losing support, since they miui 7 with Google play store you can install whatsapp and fb, but I think the new support model will be for the best going forward.

Saying is that if you can afford the 16GB version and not the 32GB version then it's not a problem because a 32GB SD will cost you around 300 USD only. but they are generally only good in great light. Samsung have their cameras well sorted. I came from a Nexus 5 and the camera in that was better IMO!



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