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Some cheap china brand smartphone reviews

The new meizu m2 note smartphones maybe a low-end from the meizu note series, but it's a great device. Fast, and w/ a great screen. flyme 5 UI system base android 5.1 , there's no lag. A great investment at a low cast the Gorilla Glass and the beautiful black screen. 

They're always slow to implement features,hardware or services for their mobile platform. While the competition continues to forge ahead further making the hill even more steep for china brand smartphones. 

Well the best thing about your phone is that you can install more OS , CM and MIUI etc .. different ROMs and test them at once .. haha low battery warning to full. It solely depends on the quality off both your cable and power adapter. 

Could not disagree any more with this article. new smartphone app quality vs iOS app ? the Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, 9 gag, awful awful quality.  Android and ios apps look way better..

if u still wish to buy low end phone, then i would suggest buy phone with at least 8gb internal memory to get new android 5.1 system UI maybe xiaomi miui 7 or CM 12.1 

Updates are unlocked smartphones. Actually, carriers are the ones delaying the updates most of the time. Updates are released OTA by CM 12.1 and you get them once they are released. got the Cyan update before earlier than those who own locked phones. Unlocked phones usually get the updates smartphones .. 

Go with Nextbuying. They have the best after sales service.

Did you see the keynote. support pen with word. They need to focus there time on new smartphones the nexus 6 and moto x 2015 or the oneplus 2 smartphones all in china maker, the new xiaomi mi4c (Release Sept. 22 ) and xiaomi redmi note 2 ... I understand there is a huge market for android the new 5.1 with Play store.

First we should wait until nexus 6 for Huawei android 5.1 is released. Then, if Google has managed to get control of the upgrade process, you should get it within hours of release. If you will depend on online for upgrading, maybe OTA or flash rom 

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