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What size in smartphone new get ??

 I just realize when couple hours ago my colleague ask me what am i doing smelling my phone ... man who gave me this device told me ,it's redmi note 2 prime device ,This device will be destroyed,but someone steal it out. I want to know is it real?

views I've seen have suggested the AF is still meh  Interested in seeing the oneplus 2. Too bad it's not available this week for ordering on oneplus.

Install a custom ROM since my Wi-Fi connectivity was very bad, frequent disconnections. So, what I did was in my haste I removed everything from my smartphones. Tried to sideload the ROM but to no avail.Then what I did was,I downgraded to 4.4.4(stock recovery) and had grabbed the OTA to 5.1 ... placed it in the Root folder and applied the update from the SD card via the stock recovery. It may sound stupid but that's what I actually did. Got my exams from next week hence wanted to speed up the installation process but ended up wasting half a day.  

Specifically because it was not on the Lollipoop list at the time, now some say it is. At least there is several people on here that have figured out how to "downgrade" back to KitKat, the fact that there is a need for that speaks volumes to me also. Sorry, don't want to poop in anyone's .

 I am more than happy with redmi 2 and believe she'll be extremely pleased with the redmi 2 pro 2gb ra, .. i like 5" screen android phones, you can see more Chinese 5" android phones from .. 

My original smartphones 5.5" ( the oneplus 5.5" moto x 2nd ?? ) right now. The bigger sizes are just too big for my small hands. Not sure what I will move on to in the future, but I don't think it will be a six inch phone! screen size from 5" to 5.2" with even smaller bezels than oneplus one 5.5" and metal frame. Basically an new smartphones with the back design from the one with an even more compact body and the hardware .

Like the new 5.7 inch display the mi note / pro 5.7" screen . I have a pretty big hand. with the updated hardware and software, a bigger battery, better camera, but still with Full HD screen. That would be the perfect phone for me.

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