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One Oneplus Two install Custom Roms ??

This is also great for the that dude that jumped himself to a really high spot, however, isn't great for people who registered early, Just changed to the CM night on my One and got working WiFi and lagless GUI, so I'm good for a bit, but I would like the USB-C. Too bad they dropped the ball on NFC... I realize few people use it, but it's in nearly every store now and people are really starting to like it. 

For selfish reasons of getting my hands on one sooner, I hope you are right and I am dead wrong my battery on average over the years goes a full day of my "regular use" nothing crazy just a normal day at work. About four weeks ago it got weaker and sometimes was only making ten hours.

factory reset is not a fun option but almost always does the trick.. It does make it like new but is very hard to make the decision to do.. If my phone was acting up I would definitely go the route.. Oneplus first generation is still going strong.. Battery isn't what it use to be but still good.. Let me know if the factory reset helps your battery any. I might have to reset mine 

 I could this week and decided it was time to leave Samsung and make Oneplus Two my next driver! everyone and their mother has a device for every budget range, they all have the same spec.  have LTE as far as I know so if your sim is capable along with your carrier and your apn is set correctly you should not have a problem.

 I'd have taken a Sony Z3 mini if I needed to. However there was no way I was going to buy the new Oneplus Two's just based on leaked specs the price on Nextbuying 4G ver $559.98 USD. Too much size, too many over powered components. Too small a battery. Too confusing to even remember which phone is which. I wanted to like the new line up. I simply am not impressed and I miss the Oneplus One of old.

That void will be filled by LG Nexus 5 but that's unfortunate. I and many others would have much preferred to have a Xiaomi device instead. I just can't believe they would abandon such a huge contingency just like that!

 recommended you root if you want install a custom rom with personalization and performance options, like Resurrection Remix or CM12, both have options for change status bar, recent task visualization and navigation buttons. But if you want a pure rom with cm12 without mayor modifications, the best roms is Paranoid where root is not necessary. I recommended you Resurrection Remix, great performance and battery life.

installing custom roms, it's actually pointless to root before. Rooting gives u root access on ur stock rom which you're gonna replace with a custom rom anyways, so it's really pointless to root before installing a custom rom because this rooted stock rom is going to be replaced with a custom rom. Most custom roms are rooted by default anyways and if u install a custom rom which is not rooted, you can root it after installing it, not root ur stock rom before installing the custom rom...

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