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NEW 3GB RAM Smartphone with Android Lollipop

Well you might be on to something, since the update I've had both those options disabled and haven't gotten cell standby on smartphones  only other things I did was uninstall rhapsody. It is still at 20% hours later which is where it had climbed to in the first 3 hours of turning the phone on. Hopefully, the battery life will be as good as it was with KK. 

I haven't had what you are going through. Mine is a different world of hurt. Routers that worked fine in KK now are connection failure or saved. Three factory resets and it still happened. One unexpected work around I fell into was having Bluetooth turned off seems to have aleiviated this. Now I just need to turn it on in the car.

Boy the bugs just keep on coming with Lollipop.  Already wipe cache from recovery like 4 times but the problem is still there, i know its a lollipop issue but some other people dont have it so thats why im asking.  If you're always letting the level drop below 15% then you're shortening the life of your battery. Similarly, keeping it charged all the time and never letting it discharge also damages it. Had you discharge your battery down all the way to 0%, and charged, this would have not happened. Nothing to worry about though.

All the usages will keep stacking up if u wont charge it 100% everytime and the mobile standby on top is just a stats bug so chill ...nothing to worry about i was on a vacation and my mobile standby was 667% when i reached home.. 

I just used it for music, navigation and drive assist all at the same time. No apps have crashed on me uptill now. So i think the memory leak is not an issue after the 5.1 update.  It doesn't mean it's actually going to last 20 more hours because the phone isn't predicting what you're gong to do next. If you were using it, the screen would be at the top of the list above Google services.

After the update i have been getting more than 24hrs of battery life with 3.5-4.5 hrs of SOT without any problem...maybe i dont use mobile data at all. I think it has to do with the language in the configuration I think will have the option of removing it and I say I do not appear to have the same design and think it is off the icon language or something. 

Gotten the 5.1.1 update and my only complaint is the aggressive ram management. Closing apps that I don't want when opening new ones. Have you been using the turbo charger most of the time? I had read a couple of articles that constantly using it causes loss of battery life. I honestly dont know if thats true or not as i dont use it. Hopefully i don't get to the point where you are right now. I usually check the ram consumption often and post 5.1 never found the system using up more than 500-700mb of memory. Hope it stays that way.

The battery is better in the new Doogee F3 PRO and the camera also. At times I feel that. F3 PRO is overheated phone using the camera. F3 PRO IS Android 5.1 lollipop and memory leak is very noticeable in this phone especially in the launcher phone. The truth no wonder much the F3 PRO Doogee in my experience.  waiting for it to her restart on its own but sadly it didn't that's why I had to press the power button that too I first pressed and hold as a normal of 4 seconds but it didn't powered up then I had to press and hold for really long time that's 10 second and then it powered on.

In recovery I had to hold both vol up and down simultaneously for 5 seconds then press the power button while continuing to hold both volume buttons. It did both a FDR and cleared the cache partition. I'm gonna give the phone a few days to see if it acts up again before I just to a replacement. It takes over a week to get it replaced.

Assume you've tested this with other subjects that have more contrast and confirmed the problem? Frosted glass isn't a good focus target for any camera . I'm not sure what you're comparing camera performance to. my first experience with the original the new smartphones 4g lte smartphones from was a real surprised. I couldn't believe a phone camera performance could be this good. Since then I've started taking more and more photos on the phone instead of my usual DSLR. 

I created with photos and videos using the  Doogee f3 pro get it from Nextbuying running android 5.1  lollipop .  I actually made it 3 whole days before yesterday. Just FDR again about an hour ago. The thing just loses connection to the phone and won't see it until I reset it.

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