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Finally windows phone coming soon

Finally windows phone will flourish. They should have treated windows phone like a startup from being. That's said they, would have knew what people are looking for. This also gives confidence to other manufacturers to opt for wp and not have to compete against Microsoft on hardware front.

Windows Phone the Lumia awesome for battery life.  frequently playing books over Audible while in the car (not plugged in) and gets plenty of camera use, and some light gaming use.  Pretty much all day.  But I am almost always right around 50% at the end of the day.

At the end of the day I still have 51%. Got a 640 myself and got 52 hours out of it with decent amount of casual use, and I even turned off the battery saver option. there'll be a major breakthrough in battery life for all phones, one day!  635 has a snapdragon 400 quad core running at 1.2 ghz and 1gb ram and still feels snappy. But once you've gone a week without charging the phone you'll really appreciate how well it performs.

Sony z3 compact. I had the Samsung s6, nice in many ways but the battery life couldn't get me through my day, and fast charging isn't an option for my working so I returned it  looking forward to it but I'm not excited about leaving Authy behind. there's always a little give and take between platforms. Maybe I should get an iphone and be done with it.

About windows phone  i personally love the hands free calling and text response. In my older car, there is a number you can program into the car to activate cortana so when I tap my steering wheel I ask it to "call cortana" then I get the windows commands to call out, respond to texts, etc. 

I think Microsoft is going to throw in the Mobile OS towel. I feel like they are going to provide services to IOS and Android users. they were going to be a services company before, but I think Xbox swelled their ego. that's probably the best attempt at hardware by far. dominate in areas they choose without all the overhead and hopefully a strong OEM or two steps in, Its not good for MS to make 97% of WP. 

About Chinese brand windows phone , this time is no . but i fund more Chinese Tablet PC brand running windows + android ( PIPO, CUBE, ONDA ETC... ) i find the cube talk 9x only 179 USD on have 9.7" FHD Screen support call phone . this is cheap price .. 

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