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bigger battery on Smartphones

I found after upgrading to 5.1 everytime the network changes from 4g to 3g or h+ it drops all signal completely . I've had so many missed calls I've had to switch phones till this software is fixed. I'm even considering loading Cyanogenmod on, but can't stand losing its voice control

There is a bug in 5.1 new get Chinese mobile phones cheap price :) restart your phone, just use WiFi. You will get much better battery backup. it's definitely a statistics bug. I had 40% battery left, SoT was 2 hours and uptime 24 hours. Cell Standby was taking around 60%. It's not like if drain wasn't there I would get 4 hours of SoT and 48 hours of standby :) That's impossible, so the stats are screwed. But I've seen the actual drain and the Cell Standby wasn't even there, battery just drained in 8 hours and that's it. Had it once, long long ago. It's just a battery stat error I doesn't affect a battery life that much. So don't worry day by day it will practice yourself for mobile standby bug.

let it drain to 0% and then charge it to 100% without turning it on? I'm at 30% now. Can I turn it off now and charge to 100? It needs to settle itself. Lollipop was a big and important update imo. Battery was ought to give surprises. Do a couple of battery cycles ( discharge at 100 % and let it drain till the phone switches off ) as I think that might help.

Battery life is nothing special. in fact, i wish it would be better. drained my battery till it switched off then charged at to 100 and then powered up that did it for me now it's 90%and mobile stand by if not even showing up, But after 6-7 days of using it.

i love the size of the Redmi note, i love the camera. it's not the best, but it shoots very good pictures because i know what to do to make them look good. and i like the wide angle. i don't even know why i think about buying the MI4. maybe i just want to change something, but i'm not sure about it.

i would love the Mi4 if it would have a bigger battery. i don't like the metal and stuff. and too bad it doesn't support wireless charging.

Like active display so much, that i don't want to buy another phone except for Lenovo k3 note. there are nice phones out there, but i really don't want to miss active display... my Rdemi 1s was hanging a little, especially when scrolling, the new y100 pro from Doogee on the other hand is very snappy. But again, I haven't fdr's you know what that means by now, my redmi 1s after upgrading to lollipop, maybe if I fdr it, it would be as snappy as the y100. That said, when I said "faster" up there, yeah I meant the camera is faster when it launches and when it takes a pic.

 faced the same thing as u...i have not done a factory reset but if u use mobile Internet on your phone then it starts to appear...some days ago i had posted my battery stats which said 37% screen and 2% standby try to use mobile data and check the stats again and now my mobile standy is 30% and screen is 1% usually use a white image to check for burn-ins. I've found that I can help lessen burn-ins by occasionally using the invert colors tool and using the daydream feature while charging.

 The audio is only problematic if I launch Google by pressing the hands free button on the Bluetooth. If I open Google from the launcher, the audio level is great. There is a big difference in quality when using the hands free button as well. When I press the hands free button, in addition to the low level, it sounds like it's 8-bit quality. 

with the Bluetooth settings for my xiaomi smartphones, it became apparent that when using the hands free button, the Google app voice audio is streaming to the Tone Pro over the headset profile and not over A2DP. That explains why the quality sounds different compared to the sound I get when I launch the app directly. After I adjusted the volume while in a call, the volume of Google on the hands free button is acceptable.

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