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What android version for your smartphones

I have the black new smartphone from China and the silver lg urbane! Becoming my new obsession as well lol. I also have both steel connects and 12 bands for my new smartphones.  Mine is black with a light wood Slickwraps skin on the back. Aside from the battery's poor performance I'm still happy with it. All my gadgets are black. Beats Headphones, Moto 360, Nexus 5, Computer.

I kept mine for 2 months until I went back to my Nexus 5.  It had nothing to do with the hardware, more with regards to updates, fights between OnePlus and CM, customer service and support.  But mostly I'm used to being on a Nexus and getting the latest updates right away.  It was almost 5 months after Lollipop was released before OnePlus even got Lollipop and even then it was only the 5.0.2 version.  I sold mine well before Lollipop was even released for the device.  Missed having it on my Nexus 5.  From there updated to the Nexus 6 and couldn't be happier.

Mobile Cell Standby, Optimisation of apps ( rebooting while charging ), Battery Life Issues are the reasons why I'm going to stick to KitKat for a bit longer. some issues with the mobile radio. It continues to drain battery for hours even if I put on battery saver. Overall, in my opinion I have seen some improvement.  80% for Lollipop ... Guess I'm going to update to 5.1 I had the same issue but luckily I was in warranty period so they gave me a new piece...

stock recovery to take any ota. can pay $175 to have send you a totally new one and then you send yours back in all the Best price Chinese phone in the link. I don't think you'd have to flash stock 4.4.4, but I may be wrong. If you can get the stock recovery back and get rid of whatever other recovery you have, it could work. Installed TWRP recovery, downloaded a decent looking CM12 based ROM and gapps, and went into recovery to wipe and install the new ROM and gapps. Seemed much easier than dealing with ADB 

A similar thing happened to me when I tried rooting 5.1. I just did a hard reset. You could have probably just flashed the stock image from their website. The good news is that cm is a good rom. You can also try the nexus experience rom which has many features of the stock rom except and voice...

 I was not getting 4G signal. When I asked airtel about this issue they said me that 4G is compatible for xiaomi mi4 but since airtel does not have partnership with Xiaomi like apple LG and Samsung, 4G will not be available for any Xiaomi and Xiaomi Redmi phones. wifi at my work makes me sign in EVERY time and I have to go the end around through Chrome to connect to it.  Totally annoying.

I'm not sure if this will work, but for the 4g data issue go to APN in cellular settings. Change the APN Protocol and APN Roaming Protocol from IPv4 to IPv4/IPv6. You might see data work again. This worked for me, although I'm running the OTA update for 5.1.  we would want a nearly perfect Update without any major bugs. Just hoping that Xiaomi MIUI 6 fixes everything and releases the final version soon. 

Supposed to bring hd calling, one of the bigger things I wanted for and upgrade. They said soon for the x2 so I took it. And waiting as usual. that 2 second lag when exiting an app back to home screen was awful, not much else exciting though. 

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