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Update new image on My Smartphones Samsung and Moto

First thing I do when I get a new phone or flash a new rom us go into account settings and check off the apps that I don't use i.e. slides, I never even got the update yet. Apparently I still need to wait for Verizon to push it to me. there's been a confirmed soak going on for the Retail channel in the US (unlocked). No word yet on any carrier models. They should follow if the retail soak goes OK. 

Qualcomm's WiFi display. It allows you to mirror your devices display on a TV. But it could be used for another purpose by the system.  i thought the same thing but the phones has slacked off since the purchase by lenovo. The old xiamimi mi3 would have updated both the MIUI 5 by now to MIUI 6 At this point it's a wait and see stance to see if their still the old XIAOMI we have come to love.

 I bought the unlocked version directly from  Updated just a couple weeks after I got it in 2014,  Carriers wait too long to update and load their on it.  the fortunate group of users here in Germany to also get 5.1. Performed a Factory Reset right after the update and the phone runs great with it!

5.1 is great and it makes the phone smoother and adds great features like chop twice for flashlight. I'm looking forward to what 5.1.1 will bring and can't wait for Android M on this phone. Just imagine, more features including ones that currently require root like being able to control app permissions and better battery life. 

My phone becomes very sluggish after 3 days, so I reboot every 2-3 days. Google acknowledged the bug and fixed it in the 5.1.1 micro update.

1) install Phones Device Manager
2) install RSD lite
3) download original kit kat image for your specific device model
4) reboot your phone into bootloader
5) start RSD, choose original image, install it

I was wondering the best app to monitor/save battery life. I am not rooted and I am not intending to. download the Watchmaker Live Wallpaper from Play Store. Then download the Watchface from this post. Long press on your home screen to change Wallpaper and select Watchmaker within the live wallpapers. It will open settings to select your background and face.

Retest the battery usage again due to inaccurate data the last time I did. Fenix was having a wake lock problem.  MX4 that runs this and huge amount of bloatware on top of android. Because of that the mx4 ends up being slower than the 1st MX4. The MX performance in real life it´s between a GS4 and a MX4 PRO. Just don´t compare it to the mx4. There is no comparison.

know the G2 as a great battery, however MEUZI MX4 is a smaller device and Amoled tend to suck more battery than LCD with whites and other colors, even at 720P. The only advantage is with blacks. I saw my mx4 several times, braking the 5 hours SOT. The new xiaomi mi note on Nextbuying xiaomi redmi note dual sim quad core Qualcomm 410 processor with light use can go to 6+ hours. That doesnt make the Xiaomi mi3 bad in battery life. 16gb for me are enough, however some people will need 32gb.

runs a 720P screen with a good Adreno 320 like the one on the MI3. The CPU it´s the same Krait 300 as the GS4, but only with 2 cores and 1.73Ghz instead of 1.89Ghz . The reason why the first gen MX is so snappy and fluid is because, very few apps use more than 2 cores. The majority uses only one core. It´s good to have 4 cores, but only in some rare app situations, you will need more than 2 cores. On the day to day basis 2 good Krait 300 CPU cores are sufficient and good performers. Better than having 4 weaker CPU cores like for  4 Cortex A7´s or 4 Cortex A53

I've un installed Google fit as it was keeping my phone awake a lot. Problem continues though, can't flash images without the bootloader unlocked

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