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Play Services on smartphones

Play Services are complete shit since L release. Google apps are crashing more, than any others. In fact, Google apps are the only apps, that are crashing on my phone.  both of these devices have older processors. Nextbuying's mistake. I think that they won't releas repeat it again in xiaomi mi note pro 2015, but I don't care anymore about new lenovo and moto products.

Even if they fixed majority of bugs in L, this still doesn't save us from bugs and drains in Play Services.  need to go back to stock recovery and stock system to receive an OTA. I am not sure if you will receive a brazilian OTA or not. 

 just started the soak on those 2 phones. The fact that they finished beta testing (test drive) and started soak on the 4x honor means that it will be released. The soak is a release candidate. If they were going to drop it, it wouldn't have graduated to soak, it would have been dropped while in beta testing or before beta testing even started.

updating certain apps for lollipop. So long as you are running KitKat there's going to be issues. They're trying to fix what's not compatible with the pop with some smaller updates. fix update this week did not cause either of these issues for my device.  I've been dealing with them for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer.  If anything, Maps app crash is due to that app update recently, or another 3rd party app update.  The gallery has done that occasionally since I've ever had it running.  I'm not sweating it.

I expect hiccups, especially if/when L gets dropped on me. I just wanted to post images of the ridiculousness that was being displayed on my screen this morning within a short time frame today. I bought 1 Gen for my sister. Also, I don't want to own product from company that can't provide support for their flagship even for 2 years.

 HTC only has one flagship every year. You could argue that Samsung has 2 flagships in the phone arena, the note and the S series device.  Because I'll know what brand to choose next time I'll need a new smartphone. 

Nexus doesn't have anything special apart fast updates, iPhone is locked down with what you can or can't do and now Huawei is being really bad at updates. China phones aren't ready yet to conquer USA/European market. 

other flagships it showed that there's no need to have an extremely expensive device to have a great experience. As for the update I'm not defending lenovo vibe series, I know they have taking way longer than it probably should have, all I'm saying is that constantly complaining about the lack of lollipop isn't going to change a thing . 

I was actually on vacation and out of touch for 8 days, so I just thought I must have missed something!  I was having similar performance troubles, and thought I'd give rooting/Cyanogenmod a try on the xiaomi and other china phone ulefone be touch on this link  No go.  The 4.4.4 rom is, according tot he community, unrootable.  Unless you have the developer edition of course. 

surfaced on KitKat for me only after lollipop had started running out. I think it is a bug in an upgraded common component Google play services

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