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The s6 is the best option

The s6 is the best option, touchwiz is a downside, but thats what launchers are for would but the battery in my 5 is shot. I have tried every trick in the book to make the battery last past 3 pm ( it has turned into an iPhone yuck) but nothing helps. place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday.

problem is all the OEM cares about user experience now. Until this year, except Lenovo ( Moto ), Apple and HTC, nobody consider this point seriously. But now everyone realize how important it is, even if Samsung didnt make it perfectly with the S6, they'll keep going to improve this every year with a hardware way better that Lenovo can do. It's why Lenovo needs to do a lot better.

LG G4's camera is too good to pass up.  I don't always have my main camera on me so it's nice to have a reliable substitute available, and the 2014 X just can't cut it. You may not be able to root if you wait for the update...unless you have a Dev edition... The lollipop update will most likely patch any root exploits that are available.

decided to unlock and root my phone. I will stay on the stock rom though. Saw the procedure on xda to restore back for ota. waiting for 5.1 and it can't come soon enough. I am getting sick of the buggyness. My new smartphones turns on multiple times while driving and does other things. I have basically had to turn off most lenovo k3 note features. Love the music but come on android. Its buggy as hell on the Lenovo K3 NOTE.

Only times I have an issue with this is when the darn 5.0 memory leak causes the OS to get aggressive killing processes, including ANDROID Voice. Reboot always brings it back Turn it on. Train it. Should work. Make sure your also holding the phone not too close to you.

has amazing battery life, if you disable some Samsung junk. Been listening to music and texting all morning and I'm still at 97% battery life. personally think the s6 is the best look device out for 2015. I like how they finally cleaned up touchwiz like they needed to years ago. But that's my personal opinion.

 last years comepetion was a bit of a sweetspot for specs and price! So in todays world these device are just marginally better, nicer screen etc, but stamina and price cant compete to what last years top of the line device was!

A s5, z3, note3, htc m8, g3, all pretty much great devices for roughly half of the cost of todays flagships! Streetvalue and sweetspot is all what it's about! much rather have a 5.2"fhad screen and 13mpx camera sd slot and easy to fix build, 3100mah devices, than those 2k 2800mah 3-4hours of battery life..  the point is of a 30mp camera when the camera has an aperture about the size of a fly's bum hole. 


Most DSLR and high-end CSC manufacturers are not using that many megapixels and their lenses are way better.  Maybe download catalog and take a log right after trying to send an mms. Then look through the red errors and see if it says anything about MMS recently from XDA which was blocking my MMS. Reverted back and it's working so there must be a line in the file that blocks MMS picture messaging on Verizon.

 don't think Samsung will have a good AOSP base to start with. In the case of the S6 Edge, you will lose it's name-giving and selling point feature, the edges. Yeah, money well-spent. The G4 will probably be adapted by at least some maintainers of the big ROMs, like CM, PA, etc (since it's a flagship) and won't really lose any important features. I'm not sure about Huawei though. These brands are mostly hard to root or more uncommon to receive custom ROMs beyond a slightly modded stock ROM. So I'd definetely say go with the G4, it looks like a solid choice.

 The new Samsung's are really good then, but you should still consider the new LG G4 cuz from what I saw it looks like a really good phone (specially if you like taking pics). I don't know much about Huawey P8 but I'm sure it's a premium flagship, but I find the UI quite ugly.

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