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I voted for the mi4 owned both the original

Nexus 6 or Droid Turbo Options? I voted for the mi4 owned both the original and mi note before upgrading to the Nexus. I do admit I miss the Xiaomi Assist feature a lot. features are really nice. xiaomi did an awesome job with that. But I don't use any of them..

survive off one charge. On the weekends I use the phone more heavily, so I'll charge it in the afternoon. No complaints, though. I put my phone and battery through hell with usage. big of a deal having to charge it more than once a day. It would be nice to not have to though. Worst case scenario, I just turn off data and make the battery last forever.

Xiaomi Mi4 will now directly be upgraded to Android M Support I mean Lenovo and Liers working in Xiaomi Same thing happened with 5.0 , then its turn for 5.1. Its good that you still have trust in Xiaomi Miui 6 developers. Because onece chipset excuse and then soak test as an excuse and bluff, then this saying that lack of partners support. They only speak but I do believe in results rather than wordings. 

Notifications on the lock screen of lollipop not come all, those of Facebook, WhatsApp and Gmail are considered "private" and therefore hidden. If you want to enable notifications for all the applications you need to go in Settings- sounds and notifications under "when stuck" select "all content. 

flashed quite a couple Roms on locked bootloader AT&T phones. I used root and android terminal emulator to flash twrp. Then I booted into recovery and flashed cm11 all with a locked bootloader.   I've done it to a phone with a locked bootloader so it doesn't matter. Just so you can look it up, it was the galaxy exhilarate on AT&T, I installed cm11 with a locked bootloader.

If you have the model mentioned above, you can update it with kies or odin eventually fair enough, otherwise you will have to wait, for example, I have that model, but of Finnish origin then the ota is not out yet, but if you want you can update manually, but i have not done.

dimi what comes out in the csc or kies3 do with that would be the software suite for the Samsung effetuare updates both Xiaomi Redmi note phones. Since   we reported the news of the imminent release of the update to Android 5.1 Lollipop by Xiaomi smartphones and xiaomi accessories on 

with kies is updated only if your device is of French origin, I this morning I decided and I upgraded to Lollipop by Odin, downloading the firmware of the French SM-850F. Keep in mind that if you download updates original Samsung the warranty is not totally compromised.

the last update my Xiaomi Mi4 is super buggy. Assist has to be turned off cause it constantly turns on while driving. Also voice doesn't work great.  new Nexus  6 is just too damned large, and it doesn't even have a stylus!  Now if this Nexus 6 would show up in the mail after ordering. 

Look right now there is only the best of nexus 6 but they have to calculate the 6-inch. If I do not have a problem is the best device in circulation snap 805 roars And unfortunately on Spotify miss classics like the Beatles. I use Musicall, first stood on playstore, now you have to install the apk downloaded from the site.

G3 16 GB + VR 329 from thought to reliability 'and seriousness' of the store, in addition to the availability' real smartphone TODAY 329 the 32GB 3 Gig of ram .It remains obvious. Nothing will be assembled by Italian workers. This was obvious.

The project is Italian (and is the most important part), the operating system will be developed in Italy (the biggest unknown). The assembly is the part "industrial" the lower value added. Soon all Western countries reimporteranno assemblies in their respective countries because the robots begin to cost less than the Chinese slaves. But for young workers in the assembly there will be no more.

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