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release it somewhere Samsung GS6

As long as they release it somewhere Samsung GS6 will make a new lollipop rom which is what i am waiting for, and others will make one too. Good thing the S6 has the same procesor in all countries. How to Install Android Lollipop Galaxy S6 With CM12. Get Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on your Galaxy S6 using CM12 which is based on Android 5.0.2 

Xposed doesn't work too well for Lollipop at the moment, I'm afraid. But the dev is working on it. Google adb sideload if you don't have a SD card. Download latest twrp for your new android phones version, then sideload that from PC, then sideload your custom ROM again. It helped me after I accidentally wiped my phone. If you have a SD card just install the zip files from the card  still alive and I tried to restore my backups from external SD card but it fails commenting "unable to mount/data media during GUI start up" or you want me to flash again TWRP then ROM? 

nothing would show up. Downloaded adb for my PC, followed instructions and was able to install PA 4.6 with adb sideload (sending file to device connected to the PC even with the device not showing on PC)   a stable rom but the battery life is awful (at least that's what I've heard). I have a 9300mah battery so i don't notice if battery life is bad or good. For lollipop with spen they haven't made one yet (I've searched far and wide) and no one is making them, 4.4 is all we get for now on the New smartphones.

save battery on android phones or Amoled screens turn everything you can to black black on an amoled screen means the pixels are turned off so they don't use any battery Just open Odin, download ,,cf autoroot,, and follow instructions. For me it worked on my first try, I had stock 4.4.2 when I rooted. Now I'm using CM12 lollipop and it's awesome.

need to bring that update quickly also to the Chinese brand smartphones Elephone p7000 ( per-sale on ) because the first lollipop update messed up everything especially connecting to wifi router's they need to fix that main problem. They always perform faster in the showroom since there is hardly anything installed there, compared to the things we stuffed down the throat of our old PHONES.

I think what he meant was, what does this app do? Would be nice if it had a description instead of just a name.  some are in English, even though it was placed the language option referred to in the initial settings ..  Camera works good. Video recording not so good as stock,

I feel the Smasung GS6 pen seems to be having a bit more feature though.. I used the pen regularly. Meaning you completely wiped the device before running a new rom. It's usually customary to do this anyhow that way bits and pieces of data or whatever don't hang back and make your new install sluggish or potentially brick your device. Devs usually post a warning about this. But if you are sticking with a particular dev group such as cyanogenmod then more often then not you don't need to wipe. 

I switched from the S5 to S6, too, but I sold it after 10 months. After 2 updates it became more and more laggy. My old Smartphones is still fine and makes my husband happy. I hope yours will run better.   i just stayed on 4.4.2 with root.. but i softbricked/bootlooped my shit last week trying to do the MIUI 6 on redmi note 4g lte smartphones now im stuck on 5.0 w/o root  So that's probably why it pauses. Try disabling the sound when sending message from with google messenger settings.

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