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which has higher output. Ones for regular smartphones

I guess we need to have 5.0 + to get that option, either stock 5.0 (which is not available yet for X 1st gen) or cm12 ROM or some other rom. but some people with a Moto X 2013 have it on 5.0.2. The only thing I can think of is that Google pushes it out randomly ..

like my security setting better anyway. I use taker and have it set to disable my pin lock when on my home Wi-Fi, but re-enable when out of range of my Wi-Fi. work in HVAC and wear mine ever day, it's held up quite well, mine just got a small scratch on the screen yesterday actually but isn't that bad and I don't mind I also must of caught the bezel on something because I have a small little ding/chip in it.. Otherwise I'd say it holds up very well in poor circumstances . 

 I bought the pure edition variant in the US and and I do not live there.. now there's no way to change my phone and I have to keep this defective .. They'll give you statistics on how fast they sell. In my experience Verizon goes to extra lengths to keep the boot loader locked. I personally won't mess with a Verizon device. Even if u could, u wouldn't be able to use it on VZW because the pure ed doesn't support wcdma.. 

 I did the hard reset as suggested by many on this page but it didn't worked out. Also the phone has got slow, app crash and lag is common and very frequent after the update.  I have a Mi3 from the xiaomi Channel and while its a good phone and all but their after sales are just beyond crappy. My device is just unusable right now.

Mine reaches full capacity using the original charger or one for a tablet, which has higher output. Ones for regular smartphones or older chargers will have less amp throughput and will take a lot longer to charge.  You certainly don't need to discharge fully, that had nothing to do with it. It is the maximum voltage the battery reaches will determine the percentage. Discharging any battery fully shortens it's lifespan. Mark sorry but this is a known bug with the oneplus. Mine did this several times the first week no matter what I tried. As soon as I let it run dry to power off and recharged the issue was corrected.

factory resetting and clearing cache did not resolve issue for me.  Issue lasted several days after trying every step possible.  Once I let battery drain completely issue was resolved and never came back. 

benchmarks good. But real world is pretty undesirable right now. Have you compared app opening speed with another comparable phone? My girlfriends Iphone 5c opens apps faster. Wtf is up with that.  I might switch to the nightlies and stay. It's not like they are going to stop running after CM12S, so I'll get more bug fixes and updates than the stable once it's released.

 There are too many features I use that the lollipop ROMs don't offer or just don't work properly. wait guys you don't have to come back to stock can't we just flash OTA update when it will be available and keep our data in case of cm12. For oxygen OS we all have to flash so we will lose data no matter what. P. S running latest cm12 nightly.  from Europe and my opo works flawlessly with any career. 

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