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5.0 Android on Chinese MEIZU

Honestly 5.0 is a train wreck and I'm not to happy I haven't received 5.0.1 or 5.0.2. Pure addition was supposed to get updates quickly...  had some Active Display Issues that were never resolved and he got a replacement in the mail. The new one works great. Just send the old one back ASAP so you don't get charger $350+ for it. Took a big of hassle but was worth it.  

using 5.0 on an MEIZU MX4 OR MX4 PRO you are likely getting aggressive memory management due to the memory leak in 5.0. The updated camera app has no lag what so ever. Don't get me wrong I love the x² but I'm only talking about the camera.

Cache clear works temporary. On the next question what do I replace with,  lg g3 or something else. I would really like nexus as I enjoy the most stock android over the touchwiz. I love nexus. But for me the nexus 6 is to big. So I replaced my new xiaomi mi4 smartphones. I'm like you. I prefer stock Android. But I also like the added features of the 

if you like the new Chinese smartphones experience/features, the xiaomi or meizu is absolutely stunning. Bigger screen and a much more premium build quality. With lollipop and very little bloatware, its as close to Nexus as you can get on Verizon without going for the very large Nexus 6.

Lg g3 has a fantastic camera. I love My Xiaomi mi4 but if I wanted a camera I'd have bought the g3. Now, the HTC M9 is my preference over the S6. Lg g4 coming, also the OnePlus Two. My Nexus5 had a better camera than the Meizu Mx4 pro. 

 I played with on at a Verizon store and got a chuckle out of it. Thy crammed tons of pixels into their sensor but forgot that focus and shutter speed are a very important factor. Only thing that the turbo has which makes it better than the x2 is the battery life. The turbos screen has terrible brightness too. Keep you Meizu MX4 PRO from peeps and use your upgrades / hard earned money on a real upgrade later.

not only has my experience with the turbo shown poor camera performance (aside from the MP count which makes for very detailed pictures of stationary objects) but XDA has been working to fix the broken camera, countless reviews online mention how the camera has terrible focus and shutter speed. It's all over the Internet and it's the same I experienced while using it myself. The folks over at XDA don't work to fix things that aren't broken. Samsung, LG, and Apple still hold the crown for fastest camera shutter and for overall camera performance. Moto still hasn't perfected their camera, but they've gotten a lot better. 

 I wanted a camera I'd have bought the g3. Now, the HTC M9 is my preference over the S6. Lg g4 coming, also the OnePlus Two.  you've got an excellent phone.. Im okay with it not having IR blaster because no one has gotten it right and if they do it I don't want it to be half..  from no lollipop for my x, the things that annoy me about the xiaomi is the inconsistent camera and the lack of sd support. These are fast becoming major annoyances so I hope Motorola does something to address it.

there is always safe mode to check if its the phone or some app which has locked the camera app. Try it out once, if it doesn't work then a reset may work !for another year because all the decent phones that has been announced this year are 5 inches and up.

I'm hoping Sony comes through with the Z4 Compact if it comes out.


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