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I love my xiaomi mi3

Took a few small drops with case and screen protector, unscathed. And still running smooth as the day I took it out of the box. Stock 4.4.4 works beautifully  the 2 replacements from Verizon, one due to a defective battery and the other due to a shattered internal touch screen, all have run extremely well. Very smooth, excited to see lollipop run on this. I'm sure it will be just as responsive, just how the Nexus 4.

Performance took a hit when Facebook application was installed, but returned to normal after uninstall. This is my Chinese phone I've owned,  had Samsung and HTC and my 1053 is by far the best. I've tweaked the phone to the point where I have 50% battery life left at the end of the day.

 I love my xiaomi mi3 but I feel like you could use your 359 better. Both the phones are about the same. The xiaomi note gets faster updates but the battery is bigger.   that price is its nice. I love my mi3 its so fast because of the pure droid. Another good thing is the voice control, the shake of the xiaomi to open the camera and the customizing. 

Always un-root. However, if it's rooted, can't you just flash lollipop into it? Or the latest Cyanogen Mod that can look exactly like lollipop?? Xiaomi is like one of the best phones one plus one is great but not its not stock android but actually now that I think about it if you really like it then go for it. But in my opinion I would change my mi3. 

Reboot all the things. That fixes most problems like this. Especially if nothing changed between the "it's working" and "it's not working" phases. I've previously had connection trouble after brief power outages, but not with my mi3 xiaomi.   That is definitely the exact problem I'm having. Most of those folks seemed to have the problem within a few weeks of getting the phone. 

Reseted and helped with some problems...but 5.0 still have some bugs like problem after lollipop first boot if you have 2 factor Auth on your account, messages don't show with the pincode and if you skip Google's account configuration you don't get the restore backup dialog afterwards when you set the account. But I recommend FR after update it fixed other issues.,

I'm pretty sure it's much easier and faster to update a freaking bread toaster than a communications satellite I've made it standard practice to always reset my phone after a Major Update. Phone runs well, but I also suffer the memory bug which is why I reboot my phone every few days.

get a good long day out of the Chinese Smartphones. The battery saver is pretty impressive if you are going to be away from a charger for a long time. I have found that the mi4 battery life is VERY dependent on the watch face I use. A simple watch face will get significantly better battery life than some more complicated "prettier" watch faces. 

 If the screen does break, good luck with customer service, Huawei was HORRIBLE to deal with. All that said, it's still the best phone out there. Which works flawlessly by the way. It's going to be awesome when you get it. Star away from the flappy droid have though it's extremely frustrating..

had the wooden back cover peel off slightly, but noticeably from all sides. I had to use binder clips for a couple of days to get it to stick with the adhesive. Many people have complained of poor build quality with the phones. 


I am coming from the note 4 and wanted to save on the high cell

Its this dang buyers remourse. I am coming from the note 4 and wanted to save on the high cell bill. I can go to Republic and get the $179.99 plan or get the xiaomi and go to . Works on all devices I've tried and syncs all texts and notifications. You can customize which notifications too if you don't want certain notifications popping up on every device.

 The updates since it got integrated with hangouts have made it almost perfect. The only thing missing is group massaging.  Luckily I basically never group message. Honestly what Google is missing is a Voxer like voice message. iOS got it recently and its great. I use Voxer with a few people almost exclusively. Saves a lot of phone calls.

Insisted I delete it from her iMac as it was driving her mad! Too buggy! Me (Android) have hooked up iMessage on my MacBook Air to Hangouts via Jabber and works perfectly Ubuntu, windows, Chromebook, chrome box and two tablets, three phones. I can hope between and pick up any message and continue it. Be it hangouts, email even webpages that are open. Exceptions are that hangouts doesn't yet do group messages and doesn't have the voice message integration that Voxer has. I can even make, recieve calls on any device.

 I wrote an NFC tag with my contact info and paired it using Smart Lock.  When I touch the NFC tag and unlock my phone it does not ask for my security pattern (which is good).  But then when it unlocks my phone and brings me to my home screen it then opens up the contact info contained on the NFC tag (which is really annoying).  It does this every time and then repeatedly since the NFC tag is behind the phone.

 did they told me to get it replaced but the only problem is i got my phone from the US and am currently in Italy so have to ship it back there which will cost a lot so i am screwed  if the phone will boot to the recovery menu. If it does plug in your charger and let the battery charge for about two hours. If that works you should be able to boot completely and charge to 100% normally. If not you'll have to call support. I wouldn't email them ad getting a response is rare.

Basically back to factory setting. It can always be unlocked again and if someone wants me to before buying it, I'd be happy to do it for them.   Its in perfect condition, complete with box and accessories. Comes with the casemate smoke grey case and I'm including the wireless USB charger. Time to get your phone company involved, then. I've had the same phone since October & I've never had a problem that rebooting wouldn't fix.

fast was your battery life draining.  I just posted on the top my battery life, was wondering if I should factory reset I believe they charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $175 ish for a screen replacement.  I checked online (went through the request a repair) and it will be 125 to replace. I will not be doing that. Id rather just buy a used smartphones android or something.

 lucked out in my case. They jerked me around a bit, and to apologize they replaced my wife broken Chinese smartphones Huawei emui3.0 with a brand new huawei honor 6 for free....otherwise, I'd be in your boat. have Verizon also but I pay for the insurance through them. 99 bucks if you have insurance for it. My wife has it too and her phone was stolen. 99 bucks and she got a new one the next day. Do you pay for insurance through Verizon?

thought I saw the other day you could still add it in a window they opened up. I would check on you online account and see if you could add it real quick  think it's a function of these bigger screens. I've had one from every generation of Droid, dropped 'em all the time snd have never felt a need for a case. Buy xiaomi redmi note 4g lte, bigger screen, boom. Cracked screen. I now use a case and glass screen shield.

I lost my 2013 biking riding in September and replaced it by getting the Pure 2nd edition.  Then on Dec 23 someone stole my 2nd Gen.  And THIS will really kill you.  While I was waiting to replace my 2nd gen I had to use my iPhone 4!