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Sounds like it might be the same issues the new smartphones

I use a mini phone cord from earphone jack to car stereo input and phone notification voice is a similar volume to music, streaming podcast, etc. My gripe is that it often doesn't seem to hear me even when I'm yelling at the damned thing and cheerily says 'lets talk later' or some nonsense. Sometimes it works very well. 

Sounds like it might be the same issues that are mentioned on XDA for any of the 5.0 roms for new smartphones It is not the first time I have reboots, since I bought my phone I have maybe once a month a random reboot. This was not a problem for me because I didn't noticed that in my pocket. But my battery was fine except now. Now I had 2 reboots in a day for the first time, so I look for that.

Yes I'm from Spain, ordered my new huawei honor 3x from . I've been wondering the same. I found a page that described a one-time free screen on huawei website, but I didn't check the details this was about 3 months ago.

Well there's no google stuff in it because its the chinese version and google services dont work there.. I'm pretty sure if this phone is released for the rest of the world, it'll have all the googliness I did an online chat earlier today, but was unable to get any additional information. I do have the number for White Glove Support, so if I don't get an update email tomorrow, I'll give them a shout.

 I am with T-Mobile and they didn't sell it on contract or else I would have for that very reason. We shall see which phone is next for me. Have about a year to figure it out switch to an LG G2 in the hopes that I can at least send my a new Chinese smartphones, Gen in to be replaced as I still can get them to process a credit card for an advanced replacement.

I don't worry about burn-in. I try not to, every time! I treat this thing like the super computer it is every time I set my hands on it. But somehow....a scratch. I'm not bothered though .. But eventually went with a tempered glass protector after noticing a scratch.

 same with Redmi 1s  or the new xiaomi redmi 2 ? with 4g lte. After I factory reset it was only barely slower than my phones and in some cases it actually launched Google Now a split second faster than my redmi. xiaomi  is killing it with the redmi series