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Its just annoying because if they had told me that the first time

by design, it is more useful for a quick charge from say 10% to 50% in a short time. A bump charge if you will. It should do that very quickly and after a certain higher %, it will slow the charging rate down. which state that the phone would barely last a day with light to medium use, I would like to proove it wrong to some extent!

i had the same issue and in the end used a contact. I've heard others successfully use people on nextbuying to order via smartphones gadgets and ship. would just embrace global shipping. The damn things are made in China :D 

They don't need to embrace global shipping 100% but at least allow us to use a US freight forwarder. get the Pure Edition device and you can use it on either AT&T or T-Mobile. No need to decide now. Pop in an AT&T nano SIM when you get it, then use the provided T-Mobile SIM if/when you decide to switch. No AT&T carrier bloat and no waiting on them to approve updates.

long time iPhone user, and while the G3 is awesome, the fact that once lollipop dropped I realized I wasn't going to get it forever, really bummed me out.  I'm also not a crazy super user so I'm not going to be flashing roms and stuff, I don't want to deal with the 1/2 working releases and "Oh this ROM works...except for the camera...

 I actually just spoke with support and they said it would probably be Wednesday before I hear anything (9 days to review my order) . So I just said cancel the order, and I am going to try to re-order with a residential address tonight. If it ends up on hold again for whatever reason, I will have to cancel again for good since there would be no way it would be delivered by Christmas.

I am having a similar problem with I put some stuff on layaway online last week went to pay it, but they took my money for it heck I even got a confirmation email. The tracking number is good so I been on the phone for 1 hr and 45 min in pissed ..

Mine is waiting at home for me!  It says it was delivered at 10:30 am eastern time! (Don't worry; it's not sitting on some doorstep waiting to be stolen, haha.  I live in a condo building with a concierge who accepts all packages as they are delivered, fancy I know.)  I also called Verizon to make sure they put a note on my account and not put me on some weird US/Canada/Mexico plan with 2GB of data, without my permission, like they did last month when I swapped out my 1st Gen. for another one.  I still have unlimited data, and I'm keeping it, thank you.  

 I assume this is what they will say to me, and that is fine. Its just annoying because if they had told me that the first time I would have supplied a residential address right then and there. What did they end up doing with your order? I am ordering from outside the US so I don't have a residential address that I can use. It seems that Motorola have requested some of the bigger forwarders to not ship their products out of the US as well.

I did ask about changing the address. Apparently, it is not possible to change the address. They have to cancel the order and you have to place another order. The promo code will still be valid.

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